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 Where is the Overstreet Builders sales office located?
Our main office is located in Augusta Villages off of Jonathan Way at 1858 Raes Creek Court, Bolingbrook, IL 60490 in between 111th Street and Boughton Road. For office hours, see Contact Us page. For directions, see the Augusta Village directions. Our Elgin office is located at 3669 Peregrine Way, Elgin, IL 60124 in the Highland Woods subdivision. Highland Woods is about 3 miles west of Randall Road on Route 20. For office hours, see Contact Us page. For directions, see the Augusta Village directions.

 How long has Overstreet Builders been building homes?
Overstreet Builders began building homes in 1961. Please see our About Us page for full history of our company.

 How long does it take to build an Overstreet Home?
From the signing of your contract to the closing date it will be approximately 6 � months. However, we do offer quick delivery homes if you need to move sooner.

 How many spec homes do you offer at a time for me to choose from?
We typically have a total of 3 to 4 spec homes available between the communities that we are a part of. Some homes will be available immediately. Others will still be under construction � but they will be available much sooner than a built to order home. If you were to purchase one of the spec homes under construction you will still be involved in making selections for the home.
 Do you offer financing?
We offer financing through GuaranteedRate, with whom we have built a business relationship. They offer extremely competitive rates along with creative options (including FHA loans, Jumbo loans, etc.) to help you with your purchase of an Overstreet home. Our representative is Rick Mikel who can be contacted by phone at (630) 309-5455 or by e-mail at rick.mikel@guaranteedrate.com. For more detailed information and a list of current rates, speak with your Overstreet Builders representative.

 How many communities do you currently have homes in?
At this time, we are offering homes in 4 different communities: Augusta Villages, Highland Woods, Ashwood Park and Lake Forrest. You also have the option to buy your own land and Overstreet Builders will construct your home on an offsite lot. See the Communities menu for more information on the 4 communities or for information about building on your own land.

 What does �custom home builder� mean?
As a custom home builder, we will build your home specific to your needs. We will take a basic floor plan and add, subtract or change the plan to your liking. You will also make all of the selections for your home including paint, faucets, spindles, cabinets, door/drawer handles, and much, much more. If one of our floor plans does not meet your needs, with your input, we will design a home from scratch that will.

 How many floor plans do you have to choose from?
Each subdivision varies a little, but we offer about 9 floor plans to choose from in both Augusta Villages and Ashwood Park. In Highland Woods we offer about 16 because we have 2 distinct products, including homes that are more economically priced. Our floor plans include many options such as extended dinettes, additional bathrooms, sitting rooms, etc. Each plan also has at least 3 elevations to choose from.

 Will Overstreet Builders build on my own lot that I have already purchased?
Overstreet Builders will build on a lot that you have already purchased or will help in purchasing a lot outside of our subdivisions. We will work with you to make a plan to fit your needs or build a home with a plan that you already have. See our Offsite Building page to find out more about building on your own lot.

 Do you have a Realtor to work with who will help us sell our home?
Our preferred Real Estate agent is Angus Woodbury. He is an experienced realtor in the Western suburban markets. He can give you advice on selling your old home and can also help you list your home. He offers incentives to purchasers of Overstreet Builders for sale of their homes. To contact Angus, e-mail him at angus@yourbestmooove.com. For further questions/details, please talk to an Overstreet Builders representative.

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