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Naperville Custom Homes

Naperville Custom homes � Finding your community

Building a new home involves many, many decisions. One of the first major decisions to make is deciding where to live. Naperville, Illinois is a great place to begin your search. This Chicago suburb is packed with amenities that new home owners might find to be a compelling factor in buying a home. Naperville was recently voted one of the top places to live in the country � it came in second place! Naperville custom homes offer a safe, centrally located community with easy access to the city, entertainment, dining and shopping are nearby. There are also great schools and all types of community activities� there is no doubt why Naperville was at the top of this list!

Naperville Custom Homes � Custom or Semi-custom home?

Another decision to make when deciding on a builder is whether you want a custom or a semi-custom home? Most often, this decision depends on the price point of the Naperville custom home you are looking for. Often times a builder will build only custom or only semi-custom homes.

Other differences are listed below and may help you make a better choice for your family. Here at Overstreet Builders we are unique in the fact that we offer both custom and semi-custom homes to customers interested in single family housing.

At Overstreet Builders, our goal is to build you a quality home. It is important to us that you are not only satisfied, but you find your Overstreet home to be the home of your dreams.

Naperville Custom homes

You have the ability to create your new home from scratch. We offer the means to build a home that you have designed either yourself, through an architect, or through our company. Overstreet Builders will work with you to create your custom home that is uniquely yours if you so choose.

From the foundation of the home up, you can choose all of the details. We pride ourselves on working with you to make sure that every last detail is accurate according to your plans.

Naperville Semi-Custom Homes

Upon visiting our offices, you will notice that Overstreet does offer floor plans. These floor plans work as a template for what Overstreet can do for you. Many of our homes offer several floor plans, elevations and options to begin with and if those do not suit you and your family, we will work with you to create something that will. As with each specific home, we pay attention to the details that you want.

The term semi custom refers to making many of the major choices in your home. This differs from track housing because you have with track housing you are only allowed a few choices in your home. With Overstreet you are offered many standard choices, but if you do want something different, you are also offered upgrades.

Naperville Custom homes - Choosing a Home Site

Overstreet Builders offers a variety of home sites. Between our 3 subdivisions, Overstreet has a choice of over 80 home sites available at this time. Some home sites back up to parks, ponds or small fields � we even have golf course lots available. A standard lot is included in each of our home prices listed on our website/brochures. Find out about our premium home sites from a representative today.

If you already own a home site, Overstreet Builders will also build one of our floor plans, or one that you have created on your lot. Our website has information about building on your own lot, or talk to your sales representative to find out details.

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