30-Day Warranty


We hope that you are starting to feel settled in your new Overstreet home. It is now time to submit your 30-Day Warranty Request Form. Click here for the 30-Day Warranty Request Form. All warranty items need to be submitted in writing on your 30-Day Warranty Request Form ONLY, which can be emailed to service@overstreetbuilders.com or faxed to 630-226-0584 within TWO weeks after the first 30 days in your new home. If we have not received any warranty items within that time frame, we will assume that there are no warranty items. Any warranty items not submitted within that time will need to be submitted at your one-year warranty mark.   EMERGENCIES: In case of emergency (water leaking, furnace not working, air conditioner not working, etc.), call the following numbers 24-hours a day: Furnace & A/C– Rich Mechanical 630-553-9749 Plumbing– Bestler Corp. 847-683-5050 Electric– Independent Electric 815-271-5202 Notes:
  • Caulking is a homeowner maintenance item.
  • We will repair nail pops and cracks in the drywall (due to the settlement of your new home) at the 1-year mark only.
  • Painting of these repairs will be the homeowner’s responsibility.
  • If there are items on the list that require clarification, you will be asked for a photo or a better explanation, or a list review appointment will be scheduled between you and the superintendent.
  • Other items are at the superintendent’s discretion.
  Click here for the Certificate of Warranty that was included in your real estate contract on your new home. Please refer to it for all of the details regarding your new home warranty.
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