Building Is Too Intimidating! – Builder Myths

Apr 12, 2019

Today’s “Building Myth”:  Building a new home is too intimidating.

We’d love to say that building is for everyone, but it just isn’t.  The great news is:  If you have time, patience, love to pick out your own things and want to customize your space, building DOES NOT have to be scary!  Even if you are missing one or two of those characteristics but still want a custom home, we will help you through it.

There are many decisions to be made, but with the right builder, the process will be broken down into very manageable steps.  Overstreet Builders has been building homes for almost 60 years, our process is very methodical, and you will be extremely happy to hear that there is a tried and true process to help you manage appointments!

Your salesperson will be able to walk you through this method, starting with picking just a few large things first:  Property, square footage, overall plan layout.

Once those things are narrowed down, you’ll work on the next pieces:  Options, custom floor plan modifications and front elevation.

Then you’ll dive into smaller details.  Your sales person will guide you through options that are shown in their model and talk to you about how to make the home your own.  Sometimes that is understanding how you will use your space so that the sales person can offer ideas or you can share some of the things that you would like – maybe something you saw in a friend’s house or online.  There are many resources online to help you find unique details that may fit your style (be mindful that finding custom features can get expensive, your sales person may be able to offer more economical ideas that portray a similar look or function).  Our goal is to help you truly make your house your home!

You should talk through what your inclusions are with your salesperson before signing the contract.  After contract signing you will have a selection calendar to follow over the next few weeks to fine groom the details of your new home, from paint color to trim details.  Your sales person will guide you.

*Helpful tip!

Your sales person and trade representatives have been doing selection appointments for a very long time, let them guide you.  Try not to jump around.  Keep a piece of notepaper with you to jot down questions that pop into your head regarding topics that are not currently the focus and address them at the end of your appointment.  Jumping all over the place is a recipe for missed details.  Your salesperson has outlined the selection appointment to make sure that everything gets discussed.  If they are in the middle of explaining something about doors and you jump to the basement, they may forget to tell you something important about the doors or offer you something that you may want!

Building a custom home is supposed to be an exciting and fun experience for you and your family!  If you ever feel overwhelmed, it is best to stop, go home and schedule another day to come back when your mind clears.  The most important thing is to allow yourself to enjoy your build experience!