Celebrating Halloween in the Suburbs of Chicago Safely in 2020

Oct 15, 2020

We’re well into October now, and that means costumes and candy are on the horizon! But a frightful virus is haunting everyone’s minds this year…

How will you enjoy Halloween in a spooktacular and socially-distanced way? We have several activities fit for the entire family! Whether you want tricks or treats, Overstreet Builders can help you plan a festive All Hallows’ Eve.

Light-Up Night Ride

Air up your tires for a neighborhood bike ride at night. Decorate your bicycle and yourself with fairy lights, glow sticks and battery-powered LEDs to stand out and stay safe.

The boo-tiful illumination is a fun way to explore your Overstreet communities and enjoy neighborhood Halloween decorations. Bring along your own candy for energy and print a Halloween scavenger hunt for extra excitement! Here are some tips on how to deck out your bike with lights!

Pumpkin Dessert Contest

Halloween and pumpkins go hand-in-hand. But have you ever tried baking with the seasonal gourd? Grab your apron and indulge in these sweet and savory pumpkin-infused recipes.

Turn the night into a baking contest against other family members. Have everyone choose a new recipe and see who has the most success!

Experiment With FX Makeup

Do you watch horror movies to admire the ghoulish SFX makeup? Then try your own hand at blood, bruises and prosthetics! There are plenty of household items you can use to turn your family into a ghastly bunch.

Check out countless tutorials on how to work with budget-friendly monster makeup. Some of these creations can take time and lots of layers, so plan a whole evening for trial and error.

Scary Stories By The Campfire

Enjoy the ominous nighttime noises with scary stories in the backyard. Unlike watching horror movies, you can tailor the fear-factor level based on your crowd. Let little ones in on the action by planning a few kid-friendly, Halloween mad-lib tales. The night can be extra spooky and cozy with a crackling backyard fire nearby.

Frightful Halloween ambience music adds to the eeriness. And don’t forget to provide festive treats like caramel apples or s’mores!

Local Ghost Tour

Chicago has a frightfully haunted history—making it a great place to go ghost hunting! Gather a group and visit many of Chicago’s haunted destinations.

Take turns with your group members leading a self-guided tour. Ask each person to pick a location and learn about its supernatural past. Drive to each place and pay close attention for any apparitions or creepy sounds!

Will you have an encounter with a ghost? If you do, be sure to snap a picture and share it on our Overstreet Facebook page!