Chilly Winter Weekends In Your Overstreet Home

Jan 30, 2019

With temperatures in the Chicago suburbs expecting to rival that of Antarctica, Mount Everest and Siberia, we’re sure our Overstreetresidents will be pleasantly perched in their custom built homes. No need to catch a case of the cabin fever blues. We’ve got you covered with these fun ideas to keep you and the entire family busy during these freezing winter weekends!


So many podcasts, so many topics, and plenty of chilly weekends to listen to them to all. From tales of real crimes, fantasy football, comedy,  politics, and more; there’s a podcast for everyone. Want to keep up with the Cubs during off-season training? Check outIvy Envy’s Chicago Cubs Unofficial Fan Podcast. Always on the lookout for home cleaning tips and hacks? The Ask a Clean Person podcast, features great insight from cleaning expert and advice columnist Jolie Kerr.

Build A Fort

With plenty of open space in our custom built homes, parents and their kids will have more than enough room to set up the perfect living room fort. Set the scene for a fun-filled weekend in your home no matter what the temperature is outside. Create a private retreat for your family to indulge in their favorite cold weather comfort food, watch movie marathons, and play board games in. We’re sure this fun idea is bound to bring out the inner kid in our Overstreet homeowners!

Binge-Worthy TV

2018 delivered some pretty great binge-able television shows. Whether Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix (or all three) is your streaming service of choice; homeowners are sure to find a binge-worthy show to keep them busy for the upcoming winter weekends. Take a stroll through Thrillist’s 60 Best TV Shows of 2018!

Family Game Night

From charades to musical chairs, these cold winter weekends provide residents the perfect opportunity to bond with their family over fun experiences. Split your family into teams, and turn your weekend into a competition. Whichever team wins the most games by Sunday dinner get’s to pick next weekend’s activities!

Plan For Warmer Days

Now’s the best time to plan for warmer days. Whether you’re creating the itinerary for your families summer vacation or planning a weekend getaway with close friends, now’s the perfect time to do it! Take the time indoors to plan your next trip to perfection.

Stay warm and cozy in your Overstreet home this winter season!