Creating a Relaxing At Home Spa Experience

Jan 15, 2021

Whew! The whirlwind of the holiday season is over. Now it’s time for some much-needed rest and recovery. And with cold weather still afoot in the Chicago area, it’s a great time to cozy up in your very own at-home spa.

At Overstreet Builders we know the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the house. Just like our commitment to exceptional and distinctive homebuilding, we want your bathroom to have a significant impact on your comfort and relaxation. Here are our tips to create a spa-worthy experience at home.


The first step in transforming your bathroom is the wall color. Repainting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to freshen up a room. Look for soothing paint colors that give off an inviting and calming mood. Cool shades of blue and soft gray are the perfect complement to water. Earthy tones are also a good choice if you want a warmer feel.


Spring cleaning is just around the corner, but we recommend you start now in your bathroom. A cluttered bathroom is much harder to relax in. Clear the counters, organize the drawers, wipe the mirror, and remove that monster of a hairball that’s collected in your drain! A shower caddy is an easy investment for getting all those shampoo bottles under control, too.

The key to having a tranquil spa experience is knowing you can walk in and relax at any time. Keep your tub totally ready for a soak-session whenever you need it! Weekly cleaning is crucial to maintaining a spa-ready bath.


Did you know certain aromas can help you chillax better than others? Citrus scents, like lemon and grapefruit, are energizing and uplifting, while lavender and chamomile are more calming.

Grab a diffuser and several essential oils. Change the scent in your diffuser depending on the time of day to achieve the right mood. Whether you need a wake-me-up shower or a bath before bedtime, you’ll have the perfect scent companion!

Candles & Decor

What would a home-spa be without mood lighting? You could add a dimmer to your bathroom ceiling light, or just make use of candles. There’s no better way to zen out than with flickering candlelight nearby.

Capture the ultimate spa look by blending nature into your decor. Bring serenity to your experience with:

  • A wooden bathtub tray
  • A bamboo plant
  • Live flowers
  • Wicker storage baskets
  • A trickling fountain
  • Paintings of the great outdoors

The little details can make the most significant impact on your bathroom’s aesthetics. When you build a home with Overstreet Builders, we can fully customize your bathroom (and the rest of your home) for maximum comfort and enjoyability. Get in touch if relaxing in an Overstreet home fits your lifestyle goals!