Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Jun 13, 2019

What is it about selling a home that’s so daunting? It’s not the transaction itself, but the packing and prepping that makes the move so overwhelming.

If you’ve lived in your current home for over 5 years, you know putting up the “For Sale” sign is only the first step. But you’ve found your dream home in a scenic Chicago suburband it’s time to get serious about selling.

We want to make the process easier with some actionable steps for getting your home ready to sell. Here’s how you can inch closer to your goal of moving into your new custom built Overstreet home.

Find Your Real Estate Agent

Not only is selling on your own home a real hassle, but many things can go wrong. Don’t lose money and waste time trying to do things yourself. Skip the “For Sale By Owner” mayhem and find a professional that specializes in your specific market.

Declutter And Deep Clean

Pick a room and focus on minimizing the clutter.  Get rid of old or unused items and pack your keepsakes away in a storage unit. Work from room to room.

As each space gets organized, roll up your sleeves and do the deep cleaning you’ve avoided for years. Scrub grout and baseboards, dust light fixtures, and shampoo the carpets. Every detail matters when you put your home on the market.

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

First impressions matter when a potential buyer drives by your home. Invest in a few affordable upgrades to improve the face of your home. A coat of paint your front door and some stylish new outdoor wall lights can make all the difference.

Go Neutral

Depersonalizing your home is key for home buyers. They want to picture their family living in your home. While you might feel sad repainting your son’s childhood room and pulling down all the family photos, it’s important for creating a neutral space.  Keep things simple by also removing any bold decor or bright colors. You can look forward to customizing and memory-making in your new Overstreet home.

Check Out The Competition

Real estate listing services like Zillow and Realtor aren’t just for home buyers. They’re a great resource when you’re selling your home too!

Compare houses in your region to see what the standard is. Be especially aware of homes that have been on the market for over 30 days. Why isn’t that home selling? Scrutinize the overall appearance, floor plan, appliances, yard, and garage space to make sure you’re offering a better home than the competition.

As you fix up your home for selling, take note of what you’d love to change at your next home—Discuss your must-haves and living preferences with Overstreet Builders today! Call 630-226-0460 to find out more about your upgrade options.