Hosting Movie Night in Your Overstreet Home

Nov 19, 2019

The weather is getting colder which means we’re spending more time inside. How do we like to fill our nights in? By watching movies, of course. Get friends and family together and watch movies in your Overstreet living room. Snuggle up with some snacks, beverages and deserts. We’re listing ways you can get your home ready for #MovieNight.


Pizza Nachos

Save the call to your pizza delivery place and make these instead! This snack will keep you full of cheesy goodness during your movie.

Beer Brats Blankets with Smoked Gouda Fondue

These aren’t your average piggies in blankets. Elevate your movie watch party with brats covered in a flakey crust dipped in gooey fondue. It’ll be hard for these to last long during the movie- everyone will be grabbing one right after the other.


Salted Caramel Popcorn Bars with Marshmallow and Chocolate

Level up your average movie popcorn and M&Ms combo to this sweet popcorn bar. You’ll instantly fall in love with these gooey bars and it only takes 15 minutes to make! Just be careful not to munch too loud during the movie!

Peanut Butter Nutella Candy Bar Brownie

Having trouble choosing which candy to bring to your movie night? Bring them all for this sugar mountain of a brownie. This brownie packs a punch with your favorite candy.


LEDBERG: LED Light Strip or Philips Hue Play Hdmi Sync Box

Want to create some nice lighting for movie night? Get fancy with your lights and put an LED light strip behind your TV. It will make your screen pop out. You can also use the sync box to mimic the colors that are on the screen onto the wall.
Bonus! They come in multicolor so you can match the aesthetic of the movie!
I Heart Pop Candles

Need some mood lighting for your movie night? No problem! Check out this candle Etsy shop!
They have a candle for some of the most popular movies! That way you can feel really immersed in the movie.


Make your own concession stand

What’s better than having a FREE concession stand right in your living room? All you need is some shelves and your favorite candy and you are ready to binge some movies for the rest of fall/winter. You’ll never want to leave your house.

Hallmark Watching Blanket

We all know it’s that time- it’s Hallmark Holiday Movie Season. Show your pure love for Hallmark by using this blanket for your binge-watching and it’ll keep you cozy and warm.


Lady and the Tramp

Watch this newly released classic. It’s a perfect movie to watch with your family. Now you can watch it on Disney+! In fact, make it a Disney night and watch even more movies!

The King

If you have a Netflix account, this is the new movie to watch. The King stars upcoming actor Timothée Chalamet. This is definitely for the adults as it packs a punch…literally.
Want to go out for a change? Go to AMC near Ashwood Park.

AMC Naperville 16

Select your seat online, and you can recline in style with your favorite snack!

Did we miss any of your favorite steps to creating the perfect movie night? Let us know what you end up watching on social.