How NOT to be a Hermit During the Winter

Jan 15, 2019

It’s so easy to want to be inside your new Overstreet home, covered up with a blanket in front of the fire when January hits Chicago.  With the holidays over, we miss the distraction of seasonal planning and get-togethers

What to do with the two months before the sun comes out to thaw us out again?  Here are some ideas to keep you building relationships with people rather than screens during winter!

Game night!

Grab a group of friends and unleash your competitive side in your custom kitchen or family room!



  • For a game of mostly chance with a little bit of strategy?:  Farkle  is a fun dice game for 2 to 86 players (that’s what the rules say anyway!)
  • Into fast-paced, thinking on the spot:  Catch-Phrase is a fast-paced game of descriptions and guessing.
  • Want a game that caters to a crowd who can’t agree:  Cranium is a combination of knowledge, charades, Pictionary and more – there’s something for everyone packed in this game.  There’s even a kids version!

Create or join a book club!

Social media makes it easy to find group of people with similar interests.  Decide on a book and put a post on social media to find others who are interested in reading it.  You can meet at your home to discuss the book or pick a designated date to go out for coffee, lunch or dinner to discuss.

Essential reading

Go out to eat for cheap!

For many it is hard to justify going out to eat once the expenses of the holidays start showing up on their credit cards, but you don’t have to stay in.  Hop on Groupon or to find great deals for restaurants near you.  Both can offer high-end dining on a much smaller budget or you can find one of your regular spots and dine out for a little less than normal!

Find a fitness pal!

Image result for gym partners

It’s easy to lose motivation to work out in the winter, but grab a friend or two to join you in your fitness classes.  Many gyms / studios offer a free week or month when you bring someone new with you to test it out – Sites like Groupon also offer these types of trials for much less as well.  And it’s much easier to stay motivated when you have someone to stay accountable with!  Plus, who doesn’t like a little extra time with a friend.. even if you’re drenched in sweat!

And don’t forget about other types of indoor amusement!

Our Ashwood Park, Clow Creek Farm and Hidden Creek homeowners will enjoy places like:

  • Bowler – Naperville - Bowling, Arcade games, Laser Tag, Billiards, Sports Bar
  • Round 1 – Aurora - Offering bowling, billiards, darts, karaoke, arcade and a kids play zone.
  • Pixel Blast – Lisle – Has a plethora of vintage video games from Frogger to Pacman.  This arcade will have you feeling nostalgic!

Our Highland Woods homeowners can enjoy:

Image result for pacman