How the New Home Construction Process Works

Jul 9, 2021

You probably have a lot of questions if you’re preparing to build a new home. You may already know you want a custom home, but are still trying to figure out what that means and what to expect from the process.

When you partner with Overstreet Builders, we make it easy to understand the steps involved in building a custom home.

We know each step is vital, and that’s why we’ve compiled this handy guide to walk you through our build process, so you can better prepare.

Build Location

Finding the right land to settle down on is vital. The first step in building is deciding whether you want a home in one of our established communities, or if you want to build on your own lot.

We have several impressive communities in the Chicago suburbs, near social hubs, in great school districts, and with amenities like pools, community clubhouses, and much more.

But if privacy is more your style, or you need to be in a specific Chicago location , we can work with you to find a coveted spot in Illinois.

Floor Plan Options

Overstreet Builders offers an incredible variety of floor plan options to fit you and your family’s needs.

With over 20 floor plans to choose from at varying price points, we can accommodate a range of lifestyles and budgets.

Each design can be fully customized to fit your tastes. If there’s a particular element you love, we’ll integrate it into the design. If there’s something you absolutely loathe, we’ll find a way to replace it!

Undivided Attention

Whether you build offsite or onsite, you’ll have access to our professional team from day one.

We work hard to oversee all phases of construction and ensure things run smoothly.

This means when you need something, we’re there to help out. When you have questions, we can answer them quickly, without causing major delays to the construction process.

Timeline Clarity

From the moment you commit to working with our team, we set a schedule and stick to it. We complete projects as quickly as possible, without neglecting quality, so you can keep your priorities on track throughout the design and construction process.

You’ll have a clear picture of what phase your home is in, what to expect in each stage, and we’ll update you as we make progress so you don’t have to guess.

Risk Removal

We aim to reduce your risk throughout the home building process. This means we’ll remove as many stressors as possible from your life by doing things like managing subcontractors, handling financials, and dealing with any problems that arise during construction.

With so many things to worry about when building a home, let us deal with them all so you can relax knowing your new dream home is going to be everything you hoped it would be!

Quality Construction Materials

Offering only the best building materials sets Overstreet Builders apart from other builders in the region. Once we break ground, you can expect every component of your new home (siding, railing, doors, windows, insulation, plumbing, etc.) to be made by trusted manufacturers who know how to build beautiful products that last for years.

Our building materials meet stringent quality standards for durability and look great every time you step inside.

Inspections And Walkthroughs

We care about your satisfaction more than we do about fast construction times, and that’s why we’re so adamant about paying close attention to details that will affect your home’s performance and appearance.

We do multiple inspections during construction to ensure all the work meets our standards. And we encourage you to ask plenty of questions and hold us accountable during your walkthrough and last inspections.

How We Build

One of the most important elements of the homebuilding process is having a trusted team who’s been around for as long as ours has.

While many other builders have come and gone, Overstreet Builders was established in 1961 and still stands strong. That experience means we’re able to craft homes that are not only beautiful, but also built to last.

As an award-winning builder with a history spanning more than half a century, Overstreet Builders knows exactly how to build and finish a home you will love. Contact our team to create your next dream home!