Illinois Indoor Gardening

Feb 26, 2021

Gardening is a great way to connect with nature, cut boredom, and gain a new skill. And with indoor growing, you get fresher air and ever-changing organic decor in your Overstreet Builders home.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with thoughts of wilting leaves and shriveled petals — we’re here to help you grow a beautiful indoor garden in Illinois!

Learn About Local Plants And Growing

If you’re completely new to gardening, you may want to get some inspiration and insight first. Invest a little time in plant education so you can make informed decisions on what to grow, how to set up your garden, and how to care for your plants.

Learn from the best botanists in the Chicago area; Joseph Regenstein, Jr. School of the Chicago Botanic Garden offers over 1,500 courses to learn about plants and gardening! Garfield Park Conservatory offers virtual tours here to educate and inspire from the comfort of your home.

Design A Low-Maintenance Garden

One of the most overwhelming aspects of gardening can be the initial setup. Newbie gardeners often don’t know how to set up a simple garden that’s easy to maintain. First, you have to consider the following details based on the plants you’ve selected:

  • What soil should I use?
  • How many nutrients do my plants need?
  • When and how much should I water?
  • Where should I put my indoor garden for optimal sunlight?

Avoid mistakes by answering these questions for each of your plants. Then set up a growing system that’s automated. With grow lights, drip watering, misters, and other smart plant-growing technology, taking care of your garden can be a piece of cake! Here are some items to make indoor gardening easy.

Know When To Start Seeds

Seeds are the perfect way to start a garden at an affordable price. As you gather your gardening supplies, stock up on seeds that you’re interested in growing. You can hang onto them until you’re ready to commit to caring for the little growers.

Germination is when your seeds sprout roots after being dormant. The key to a lush and healthy garden is starting germination at the right time. Seed packets will give you general directions, but in Illinois, the right time is mid to late May.

Platt Hill Nursery in Carpentersville has helpful tips on how to get your seeds growing correctly. Plus, you can use their handy search feature to create a wish list of seeds and plants to bring home.

Indoor Plants To Grow In Illinois

There are so many beautiful plants, it can be a challenge to decide which ones to grow. The nice thing about growing indoors is you’re not limited by Illinois’ cold winter weather. But if you think it’s necessary, you can choose hardy plants that are capable of withstanding the chilly Chicago area climate.

For the sake of sustainability (and because it’s so cool to eat what you grow!), we highly recommend edible plants. Herbs, fruits and vegetables can be grown in your home and used to supplement your grocery shopping.

If you’re looking to create a healthier indoor environment, many plants help purify your air; decreasing sickness, allergies and respiratory issues.
Overstreet Builders has an impressive range of floor plans with plenty of room for gardening inside and out! Our team would love to discuss your lifestyle goals and find the right home for your hobbies. Contact us today!