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Spring Happenings Near Naperville

It’s starting to warm up across the Chicago suburbs! With the spring season in full bloom across our Naperville communities, we’re giving our Overstreet homeowners a list of our favorite upcoming spring events! From a pleasant spring concert to an Easter egg hunt for your pets, there’s a spring event for everyone in the family [...]

Building Is Too Intimidating! – Builder Myths

Today’s “Building Myth”:  Building a new home is too intimidating. We’d love to say that building is for everyone, but it just isn’t.  The great news is:  If you have time, patience, love to pick out your own things and want to customize your space, building DOES NOT have to be scary!  Even if you [...]

April Tax Credit Match!

Stre-e-e-e-e-e-etch your income tax credit! Spend your tax credit on something valuable this year and let it keep giving back to your family! Overstreet Builders will match your tax credit up to $2,500 on your new home purchase through the April 30 2019. Don’t delay! Call Grace (Naperville Sales) at (630) 226-0460 x 209 Call [...]

Smart Home Products For Your Overstreet Home

It’s 2019, and we’re living in the age of the “smart home.” The ever-growing home technology trend goes beyond creating a convenient living experience for homeowners, but smart home gadgets can be quite cost-effective when it comes to saving on your home’s energy and heating expenses. With today’s technology, we can build you the smartest [...]

Unknown Costs – Builder Myths

A lot of new home buyers are concerned that their builder is going to surprise them with a bunch of unknown costs.  This simply is not true (of all builders, anyway). Here at Overstreet Builders, it is our goal to cover as much as we possibly can up front.  Using the models, past photos and [...]

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