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Preparing for the Full Moon

October’s full moon is approaching! This year on October 13th, get your Overstreet home prepared so you can be comfortable during this major event. October’s full moon is called the Full Hunter’s Moon. It gets its name from the game you hunt, like deer or rabbits, when they are at their fattest to prepare for [...]

Football Prep Checklist for Your Overstreet Home

Football season is finally here! If you are like us, we root for the Chicago Bears. Currently, they are one of the strongest teams in the NFL. With players like Eddie Jackson and Khalil Mack, the Chicago Bears are looking more robust with more talent at their disposal. Now that football is back, it’s time [...]

Getting Back to School Ready

Class is back in session in the Chicago suburbs! Back to school season can be stressful, but these below tips and tricks can help keep you and your kids on track and focused as you take on the new school year. Clean the House Start off the school year with a clean house. End of [...]

Builder Myths: Home Builders Don’t Use Quality Products

While this is often true with tract, “cookie-cutter” type builders, Overstreet Builders stands out – even in the custom category of home building. Our belief is that the materials and details are the most important part of building a house. We have partnered with the best tradesmen over the years and have kept those relationships [...]

How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home?

Buying a custom home doesn’t have to take a long time.  We make the building process as quick as possible at Overstreet so you can settle into your new home. We’re breaking down the timeline of the building process of a custom home. Finding your perfect plot: Offsite – It could take you a week to find your [...]

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