Picking The Right Color for Your Homes Front Door

Apr 9, 2021

You’ve been looking for the perfect front door color, but just can’t find it. We know how frustrating that is!

Overstreet Builders understands how important it is to find a color that matches your personality and style, while complementing the exterior of your home. That’s the winning recipe for great curb appeal! Here’s the questions you should ask yourself to find a new color for your front door.

What’s your favorite color?

Your preference is most important when choosing a front door color. It might help to drive your neighborhood or spend time on Pinterest looking at other doors. Which color pops out at you and why does it appeal to you most? Pick a color that will make you feel happy when you walk up to your front door. Always go with your instincts and tastes first.

What color is your house?

If you’re looking for a new front door color, consider your house’s current color. This will help narrow down your options and give you an idea of what tones work best with your home’s exterior.

As a good rule of thumb, If your house is a light color, you’ll want to try a darker door. And if your house is dark, go for a lighter door.
Keep in mind that you want to complement the exterior of your home and not clash with it. Tone is important. If you’re already working with a warmer hue, stick with colors that have yellow, red or orange undertones. If your siding has a cool tone, find a complementary color that has blue undertones. Understanding warm and cool paint colors will be helpful as you make your selections.

What colors are trending?

Painting a front door isn’t very complicated, but that doesn’t mean you want to do it every time the styles change. If you want your front door color to look good for the long haul, a timeless paint color is your best bet. Muted gray, soft white, or classic cream are safe choices for longevity.

If you prefer being on-trend, these are the most popular exterior colors of 2021. You’ll look modern and stylish…at least until the next, new color comes along!

Or you can boldly go where no one has gone before with an eye-catching pop of color. Mint green, bright yellow, coral pink, or vibrant turquoise can draw attention to your entryway and make an unforgettable statement.

What impression do you want to make?

When choosing your front door paint, consider the colors of other houses on your street. Are you hoping to blend in, or stand out? Do you want your house to appear welcoming or mysterious? Bright or dark? What impression do your neighbors’ front doors make? And what will your front door say about you?

A front door color can be a surprisingly difficult decision, but these questions should make choosing your paint a little easier!

If sprucing up your front door isn’t enough, Overstreet Builders is here for you. We can build a home you’ll fall in love with! Contact our team to build on your lot in Chacago’s suburbs. We’ll make the whole process simple — including choosing your next front door color!