Plan Your Winter Slump Staycation

Feb 29, 2020

We’re counting down the days until spring. Chicago winters can be tough and we’re waiting for the warmth to hit us. Take some time these next few wintery weeks and relax. Plan a staycation in your Hidden Creek or Ashwood Park home in Naperville to get you through winter. Check out some of our top ways to turn your house into a relaxing oasis.

Make it DIY!

Almond Milk Scrub

Take some time and give your face some love. Apply this almond milk scrub for light exfoliation and moisture.

Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Use this scrub to revitalize those chapped lips from this dry winter. You can even lick some off for some sugary goodness.

Coconut and Honey Body Wash

Replenish your skin with this body wash. The coconut will moisturize your skin and the honey is antibacterial.

Summer Time Breeze Body Oil

Get a little closer to summer with this body oil. It has a great scent and will leave you moisturized all day long.

Use essential oils!

Essential oils are great to relax you whether diffusing or putting them on your skin. When diffusing, they can help improve your memory and focus depending on which oil. If applied topically, essential oils can be antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and soothing to the skin. Need some help which ones can be diffused or applied topically? Visit Young Living and find out which essential oils are best used for your needs.

Orange Oil
Diffuse orange oil in the morning to make you more awake. It will add that zing into your morning routine and will get you energized.

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint is an oil to make you feel more relaxed and more at ease. Apply it to your wrist for relaxation.

Diffuse palmarosa for a stimulating and relaxing scent.

Use crystals.

Put crystals around your home to help with physical and emotional healing. Each crystal has a purpose whether it is supposed to relax, invigorate, or calm your senses. Visit HealthLine to see which crystals meet your needs. In the meantime, try some of these crystals around your home!

Rose Quartz
The winter can bring unnecessary anxiety to those who are cooped up in their house all day. Bring some calm balance and spread rose quartz around your home for a spring atmosphere.

Bring balance into your home with amethyst. Place it by your bed for a peaceful sleep.

Jade has become a new trend in skincare. Get a jade roller for your skin to sculpt and firm your skin.

Wind down with some tea.

Peppermint Tea
Drink peppermint tea to regulate your system. It’s a perfect drink without caffeine to sooth your digestive system.

Have chamomile tea before bed to relax.

If you want to get out of the house, go to a spa!

Exhale Spa
Get your fitness time and spa time all in one place. Exhale Spa offers barre, yoga, and all of the classic spa treatments. They even offer acupuncture.

Urban Oasis
This spa’s specialty is massage. Urban Oasis offers 13 different massages for any person. You’ll feel nice and relaxed going into the spring.

Try any of these tips to get you out of the winter slumps and ready for spring.