Preparing for the 2020 Virtual School Year

Oct 1, 2020

Most kids were thrilled when they heard school was shut down for the year. They probably pictured a never-ending summer vacation! But virtual school isn’t exactly the kick back and relax environment they might have envisioned.

We know how challenging homeschooling can be for parents. To keep your household on track and your kids productive, we’ve gathered a strategy to prepare you for the 2020 virtual school year.

Take a deep breath and heave a sigh of relief—Overstreet Builders has your plan of action here!

Create A Learning Space

Being in the proper mindset to learn is often about having the right space. Choose a room in your home that’s free of distractions during the day. Sprawling on the couch may seem just fine for your kiddo, but an ergonomic space is better for focus and will prevent bad posture. Set up a spacious desk and a comfortable chair that makes hours on the computer less taxing.

Keep the area consistently clean, organized, and well-stocked with school supplies. If you have multiple children learning from home, arrange their learning station so they aren’t able to bother each other. A desk partition is a helpful way to minimize sibling fights and interruptions. It will also keep you from pulling your hair out on a regular basis!

Establish A Routine

Just like regular public school, having a consistent routine keeps children motivated and focused. A daily schedule ensures each subject is getting the attention it deserves.

Start the morning like normal; breakfast and a fresh set of clothes means the day is ready to begin (no pajamas in the learning space!). Make sure your mini-me is ready to tackle their courses by the same time each morning. Put up a whiteboard of tasks, and note any specific times for Zoom classes or assignment deadlines.

Be smart about prioritizing their work, and leave wiggle room for unexpected changes. If routines are hard for you or your children, check out these tips from homeschool moms who don’t like schedules!

Include Leisure Time

The in-between class time is just as important to productivity as the in-class time. Make the most of lunch by prepping meals and snacks the night before. This will give your child plenty of time to eat, relax and refresh before the second half of the day.

Plan brain breaks to reduce stress and increase learning. Brain breaks can be movement-based, imagination-based or critical thinking-based. These quick little activities stimulate their minds and create relief for you and your student.

Physical activity is a healthy way to recharge before completing the day’s assignments. After lunch, have your child exercise, stretch or take a walk around your Overstreet Builders community.

Every once in a while you might need a little oomph to get you through this whole virtual schooling thing. Wind down after a hard day of homeschooling with these back-to-school themed drink recipes! Binny’s Beverage Depot in Naperville can hook you up with all the right ingredients. Who says mommy can’t have leisure time, too?