Smart Home Products For Your Overstreet Home

Apr 3, 2019

It’s 2019, and we’re living in the age of the “smart home.” The ever-growing home technology trend goes beyond creating a convenient living experience for homeowners, but smart home gadgets can be quite cost-effective when it comes to saving on your home’s energy and heating expenses.

With today’s technology, we can build you the smartest home you’ll ever buy! Overstreet Builders 4,553 square foot Kensington model home in the new Hidden Creek in Naperville, is equipped with the latest smart home technology. The fully furnished model home features a Control 4 centralized home automation system that can control lights, doors, temperature and more. The master bath includes a Moen Shower System that allows three individual shower heads controlled via an integrated app from anywhere in the home. Plus, this home includes remote operated skylights, which allow for greater ventilation and air circulation throughout the home.  They even have shades for when the sun is too bright and rain sensors so that they automatically close if it starts to rain when the skylights are open!

As a smart home builder, we appreciate the smart home products that make our homeowners lives a little easier. From cooking to cleaning, increase your homes IQ with these convenient and easy to use smart home gadgets!

Smarter Refills

Ever wish there was a button you could push to re-up on your trash bags, paper towels, or other household items your family uses on a day to day basis? The Amazon Dash Button is an on the go family’s dream come true (at least for moms and dads)! Each Dash Button maps to a specific product you choose, so you can quickly order your favorite products with the press of a button. All Dash Button orders ship fast and free with Prime.

Smarter Coffee

The Connected Coffee Maker from Behmor is a coffee lovers dream. This customizable, temperature control coffee maker with a phone app, allows you to control brewing temperature, pre-soak time, and altitude for precision brewing.

Smarter Vacuum

Vacuuming your home is as simple as clicking an app on your phone. From carpeted living areas to your kitchens hardwood floors, theiRobot Roombawith wifi connectivity is perfect for families on the go. Clean & schedule anytime, from anywhere with the iRobot Home App.

Smarter Window Cleaning

TheWinbot makes it easy for homeowners to tackle other cleaning chores while washing their windows. This is the window-cleaning robot to broaden your mind about household robots with a streak-free, 4-stage cleaning system and the versatility to clean various types of glass!