Take Me Home For the Ball Game: Baseball in 2020

Sep 4, 2020

For decades, Major League Baseball took to the field each spring and wrapped up the season in September. But with the COVID-19 delays, we’re barely getting started! You have plenty of time to grab the Cubs’ schedule and plan a new kind of fandom.

Baseball season is in full swing, and you can make the most of your baseball obsession. Since ball game enthusiasts can’t attend in person, host the game at home! Overstreet Builders designs homes with open floor plans, which means you’ve got a great space for watch-party hosting!

Grab your immediate family and a few close friends to gather for baseball festivities. As long as you follow the Illinois guidelines and safety precautions for group gatherings, there’s no reason not to show your enthusiasm during COVID-19.

Fan Food from Wrigley Field

Teams might travel the nation, but you only need to travel to and from the kitchen! Food should be a top priority at your watch-party; even better if you plan a spread like at Wrigley Field.

What’s a ballgame without hot dogs? Take a cue from Hot Doug’s player-inspired frankfurters. Lay out a toppings bar for guests to make their own creations. Offer the basics, like ketchup and mustard, and go wild with an alternative menu of pineapple, curry or corned-beef.

For a simple snack, bring on the oh-so-tasty ‘Wrigley House Chips.’ Sprinkle fresh home-style potato chips with ranch seasoning and a side of buffalo-ranch dipping sauce.

With more prep-work, guests can indulge in the ‘Beer Can Chicken Sandwich.’ This finger-lickin’ sandy is prepared by grilling a chicken with a beer can stuffed inside. Rumor is the meat stays moist this way. The chicken is then soaked in beer and served with dijon mustard, bacon, veggie toppings, and a brioche bun.

Chicagoland Refreshments

For the young ones, you’ll want sodas and juices, but for the grownups, have Chicago-influenced adult beverages on hand.

Budweiser is a solid drink option and the main brew at Wrigley Field. There’s also no end to local breweries that offer mouth-watering, Chicago-made beers and ciders.

Really knock the beverage menu out of the park with the “Cubbies Cooler,” a cocktail for true-blue fans. Featuring fun colors and a tropical zing, this refreshment is sure to be a home run.

Cubs-Themed Decorations

Show your spirit with Cub-supporting decor. Party City has MLB decorations at an affordable price. From balloons and helmet-bowls, to pennant-flags and plates, you can plaster that big “C” everywhere!

And don’t forget to have a blue and white win flag ready for victory in the 9th inning. Fly that “W” high the night of the game…and maybe even the whole week after!

Bring Old Traditions Home

Keep spirits high in the 7th inning stretch. Follow in Harry Carey’s footsteps with a round of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” After all, who doesn’t know the lyrics to this classic?

Some guests might groan, and some might sing-along, but no Cubs game is complete without playing “Go Cubs Go.” Sometimes referred to as the team song, have this Steve Goodman number all cued up for the big win.

Overstreet Builders’ custom homes are a great alternative for bleacher seating. If you’re in the market for a beautiful home near your beloved Cubs, be sure to explore our stunning communities!