Thanksgiving Prep For Your Oversteet Home

Nov 20, 2018

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your Overstreet home this year? No need to stress, we’ve got you covered! Give these turkey day tips and tricks a try to make hosting your holiday dinner comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable for all of your family and friends!

Start by preparing every room in your Overstreet house! Empty out your dishwasher and kitchen sink before Thursday, so you can cook dinner in a fresh and clean kitchen. Try lining your trash bin with a few trash bags so that you have a new bag ready to go when one becomes full. Don’t forget to remove any fragile or precious items from your living room and dining room table to avoid any accidents.  Designate a room in the house where Thanksgiving guests can place their coats, bags, and purses. If your bedroom is the designated area, add a duvet cover to your bed to protect it from the elements.

And for a final touch, add a sock bowl near the foyer of your Overstreet home. Keep those hardwood floors and plush carpets pristine by asking your guests to take off their shoes and replace them with an adorable pair of holiday-themed socks (plain white socks will do as well). This is a friendly way to ask your guest to take off their shoes in your home, and also provides a great party favor for friends and family to take home after dinner.

It’s ok to ask for a little help! Don’t try to plan and execute the biggest dinner of the year all by yourself. Ask a family member or friend to stop by the day before to help out with dishes that might take a little longer to make. Whether they’re helping you cook or arranging the dining room table, an extra pair of hands is always recommended when hosting Thanksgiving dinner!

Not everything has to be made fresh the day off. If you’re able, try preparing your mealsthe day before and store them in the freezer until Thanksgiving day! This will definitely take a huge load off your day off to-do list! One easy thing to make ahead of time is apple pie. Once made and frozen, simply thaw it in the fridge overnight, then pop it in the oven right before serving to take the chill off. Easy as pie!

If you plan on serving all the delicious traditional Thanksgiving food this year, then it may be time to stock up on your heavy duty kitchen utensils! A meat thermometer is a must-have for Turkey day dinners! They’re perfect for letting you know when your bird is cooked to perfection and ready to be served. Use the meat thermometer in three spots: breast, thigh, and stuffing. Check out this turkey guide for all your turkey cooking questions.  If something goes wrong, just relax! Experts will be on standby to answer your turkey questions when you call one of these Thanksgiving Day Hotlines!

And don’t forget about the macaroni and cheese, stuffing, and cranberry sauce! Stock up on enough disposable plates and utensils for guests to enjoy their food and also enough for them to take home a few to-go plates. Besides, the more food people take back home with them, the less you’ll have to clean up.

Last, but certainly not least, enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends! Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for the people around us who we love and cherish. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving From Overstreet Home Builders!