The Best Wellness Centers Near Naperville For A Day Of Relaxation

May 15, 2019

Summer’s almost here and the end of the school year is approaching. Before our Overstreet homeowners embark on a season of cookouts, summer camps, road trips,vacations, and amusement parks visits all for the sake of timeless seasonal memories (and keeping your kids busy, of course), spend a day or two relaxing and unwinding at one of these wellness centers and spas near your Overstreet community.

Stolen Moments

The team at Stolen Moments firmly believes that, “if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of those that we love.” Stop by their Naperville location, just twenty-five minutes from Overstreet’s Ashwood Park community, and try the tranquilizing Hot Stone Massage! This hot stone therapy is guaranteed to melt away tension, eases muscle stiffness, decreases pain, and increases circulation and metabolism. The heat is nontoxic, efficient, promotes sleep, and relaxes the entire body.

Aristas Spa and Salon

The Sweet Radiance Couples Package sound like the perfect way for busy moms and bustling dads to meantally prepare for the summer season. Homeowners are in for a special treat when scheduling a session at this Naperville wellness center! This relaxing experience brings together ancient Mediterranean healing with modern innovation, cherished rituals for cleansing, and wellness with the best that science has to offer your skin, hair and body.

Naperville Salt Cave

Less than a thirty-minute drive from our new Hidden Creek in Naperville community, this wellness center is surrounded by 10 tons of hand-mined salt from the Himalayan Mountain Range for guest to fully immerse themselves in a relaxing atmosphere. This soundproof, state of the art facility includes an aerosol generator producing fine micronized salt particles replicating the restorative properties of a natural salt cave atmosphere. Unwind in this tranquil environment with zero gravity chairs, fireplace, a star field, and motivational music surrounding you with guided meditation.

Annica Float Club

Flotation therapy is the latest craze to take the wellness industry by storm! No matter what your day to day life entails, anyone can reap the benefits of this new form of therapy. The benefits of floating are universal and include: improved mental clarity, lower blood pressure, enhanced creativity and decreased pain just to name a few. There are also active research studies looking at the effects of floating on depression, anxiety, PTSD and fibromyalgia. Minutes away from our Naperville communities, the Annica Float Club is perfect Overstreet moms and dads with a jam-packed summer planned!