The Case Against the Tiny House

Aug 15, 2016

If you’ve turned on a television, browsed the internet or just been anywhere but under a rock in the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen the growing Tiny House trend. People get rid of a majority of their possessions, find a patch of land and live in a house that’s less than 500 square feet. Actually, the typical tiny house on wheels is usually less than 120 square feet. While this minimalist living may sound glamorous to some, we just don’t get it. Here’s our case against the tiny house.


Obviously the biggest downfall of a tiny house is that it’s… tiny.  We can’t image that a tiny house has enough space to fit you, your family, and all of your stuff. Having a bad day and just want some privacy and alone time? You won’t find that in your tiny house. Space is no problem in our new homes in Elgin and Naperville.

Sometimes, bigger is better

When a house is as tiny as 120 square feet, you have to get creative with the space. The refrigerator gets cut in half and your bedroom is really just a loft above the living room. A full sized washer and dryer? Forget about it. Indoor plumbing? Only if you’re lucky.

In our floor plans, this is never an issue. You’ll find large open kitchens and family rooms, master suites with en suite bath, a full laundry room, and more.


When you decide to build a tiny house, there’s another big issue: where does it go? Turns out, finding land isn’t always that easy or inexpensive. (And isn’t that really the whole point of having a tiny house?) You may find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

When you build in one of our communities, like Ashwood Park in Naperville or Highland Woods in Elgin, you have everything you could ever want right outside of your door, including highly coveted school districts, clubhouses, pools, walking trails and more.


If a master planned community isn’t your style, our Build on Your Lotprogram allows you to build the home of your dreams anywhere. And you aren’t in it alone; we can offer a variety of options for offsite construction.

As custom home builders, we love to build our customers the home of their dreams. Whether you choose from a floor plan we’ve already built or want to customize your home from the ground up, the possibilities are endless. But in a tiny house, the possibilities can be very limited.

Just a trend?

Tiny Houses have been a growing movement over the last few years, with countless television shows and blogs dedicated to this small-living lifestyle. But we can’t help but wonder, is this just a trend? Overstreet Builders has been around since 1961. With three generations of the Overstreet family building strong for 55 years, we don’t think we’re going anywhere anytime soon.