The Latest Home Fall Decors Trends

Aug 30, 2018

Summer is coming to an end in the Chicago suburbs. In the coming weeks, Overstreetresidents will be prepping their homes for the changing weather of autumn and the cold days of winter. We’ve compiled some of the best autumn home decor trends for the upcoming season.

As the weather begins to cool off, Overstreet residents will begin to pull out their favorite cozy oversized garments. From sweaters to coats, the bigger the garment, the warmer you’ll be. Apply this idea to your home this fall and consider placing comfortable, deep lounges and armchairs in your living space. Don’t forget those plush chunky throw blankets and luscious pillows. Make your way to Apartment Therapy’s website for the perfect go-to guide on the best throw blankets to add to your home decor this autumn.

Add a bit of texture to your Overstreet home with frill, velvets, and faux furs! Velvets are making a massive comeback in the 2018 fall fashion scene so; it’s only right that we incorporate these high fashion trends into our home decor. Velvet adds an opulent contrast to your home that creates the perfect ambiance for the fall season. Although homeowners may shy away from the dark colors of velvet, there are a variety of bright and neutral tones available. West Elm has a beautiful selection of soft velvet pillows that will compliment fall perfectly in your Overstreet home.

More textures are making their way back in season. Residents are no longer going for the contemporary luxury home decor.  Nostalgia has always kept certain trends in the rotation, and fringe decorations are no exception. Fringe adds beautiful accents to any homes modern interior, adding a bit of flair while still feeling light and fun. Create your ownRetro Fringe Lampwith this fun DIY project.

When people think of fall, the colors of the ever-changing leaves come to mind. Warm tones of orange, red, yellow, and brown are the go-to hues for fall decor. However, this autumn were switching to the lighter side of the color sphere. Go for mauves, blushes, and taupe when adding a splash color to your Overstreet home. These colors pair beautifully with the cool blues and greys that are associated with the colder months. If interested in sticking to the usual fall color scheme, interior home blog, Designthusiasm, suggest creating a soft autumn color palette that can be developed using the traditional fall tones, and essentially whitewashing them down, so they might look like the faded version of the original colors. Transform your pumpkins into a beautiful fall menagerie with this easy DIY.