Tips For Staying Cool In Your Overstreet Home

Jun 24, 2019

After months of miserable weather, us Chicagoans are ready to sip lemonade on sun-drenched patios. Overstreet Homes are picture-perfect for summer with open floor plans and expansive windows to let in the light.

But with that glorious sunshine comes the heat and humidity. We want your home to be a comfortable retreat this summer. Here are our top tips for staying cool in your Overstreet home.

Prep Your AC

The last thing you need is a busted AC on a sticky summer night. Avoid a surprise breakdown and keep your equipment in peak performance with preventative maintenance. You’ll enjoy energy efficiency and consistently cool air with a pre-season tune-up.

Change your air filter, clean the coils, and clear debris from around your AC unit. If you haven’t had your HVAC system inspected, bring in the pros for a once-over. They can help you avoid unexpected repairs when your AC is working its hardest.

Upgrade To Smart Features

Want a luxury oasis? Upgrade your home with technology that’s designed for hot weather. At Overstreet Builders, we’re making summer living more comfortable with smart home features to beat the heat.

Start by controlling the temperature with the Control4 centralized home automation system. This system is the ultimate for customizable indoor climate control, but it doesn’t stop there. At Hidden Creek in Naperville, our Kensington model home uses Control4 to regulate temperature, monitor security equipment, power lighting throughout the house, adjust multi-room speaker systems and unlock doors.

The Kensington also impresses with skylights that operate by remote. Encourage air flow by leaving them open, or remotely draw the shades when the sun is high in the sky. There are even sensors that shut the skylight if you’re caught off guard by a drizzly day.

Use Fans The Right Way

Ceiling fans in the bedrooms and main living areas are a great way to bring down the indoor temp. It’s amazing what a little airflow can do! But did you know the direction your fan spins actually matters?

When your fan rotates counterclockwise it pushes air downward, giving you a breeze that feels up to 8 degrees cooler. Your fan uses less energy than other cooling equipment, saving you the expense of running the AC all the time.

Simply locate the button that reverses the blades on your unit. This button is probably on your wall switch or remote control. Older models may have the button on the fan’s base or near the ceiling mount. With the flip of a switch or the press of a button, you can control the direction of the fan blades. Switch from clockwise to counterclockwise in the summer to have the biggest cooling effect on your Overstreet home.

Add Trees And Greenery

Natural shade is one of the best ways to combat the heat. Consider enhancing your landscaping with new trees and tall shrubs. Plant a privacy hedge and add a cluster of trees on the sides of your home that see the most sun throughout the day. Be strategic about where you place the flora. Consider the types of plants and how tall they’ll eventually grow.

You can even bring plant life indoors to have a natural cooling effect on your home’s interior. Plants like ferns, aloe vera and ficus clean the air while cooling it by releasing water vapor.

If you need some inspiration for your greenery, here’s a great guide for cooling your Chicago home with landscaping.

Are you ready for summertime relaxation? Customize your home with a layout and features that were built with the sunshine in mind. Discuss your options with the Overstreet Builders team today!