Total Build Timeline

Nov 8, 2018

If you are considering a new build, the time is NOW to start considering your timeline.  Overstreet Builders is one of the fastest builders in our area, but that doesn’t come without careful planning!  We want you to know what to expect from your build timeline so that you don’t get behind on your planning.

Of course, we are always going to suggest that your home is finished with plenty of time to spare when it comes to your move in date goal, but we cannot do that without your consideration!  Working backwards will get you to a starting point.  You’ll also learn a little more about why we dedicate the amount we do to each area of the process.


Our example factors in a “get in for school” schedule. Make sure you adjust appropriately if you have a different deadline, like something below:

  • Job transition
  • Weddings / baby arrivals!
  • Avoiding holidays or other religious time periods
  • Traveling (whether for work or pleasure) or others traveling to you
  • There are many things that impact timing, we will help you work around prior commitments to get you in your home when it is best for you.

Ideally, you don’t want to be moving in the week of the event, so give yourself at minimum 2-3 weeks of leeway. Overstreet’s build calendar is an extremely smooth system, but there are some things – like weather – that are out of our hands!

EXAMPLE: Recognize that the school year restricts your ability to move year-round. You have a 3-month window that makes the most sense for moving: Summer! When your kids aren’t in school.

In Illinois, schools start between the middle to end of August. To be in BEFORE school starts, give yourself ideal prep time to close, move in and get settled. That means you want to have your home completed at the end of JULY - NOT two days before classes start.


At Overstreet Builders, the construction calendar begins when the dirt starts moving and ends when you have closed. With our carefully planned and time-tested build calendar, we can get your dream home completed in approximately 5 months.

If we are finishing your home in time for school (we’re calling it end of July) - we need to start the construction process by March 1st!


Before Overstreet Builders can start building your new home, we need to know what you want in it. We also need to get a permit from the city that you plan to live in.

Our Selection calendar is a 6 week process, starting with 2 weeks of finalizing structural changes that will impact our ability to get a permit approved for your home.

Plan to sign your contract 2 months BEFORE we can begin building your new home so that you have adequate time to get through selections and we have enough time to get your permit. We CANNOT “rush” the permit process, so even if you think you can get through selections quickly, know that the permitting process is out of our hands the permit has been submitted.

In our “get in for school” example, you’ll want to have your contract signed by the 1st of January 2019!


Typically buyers do not sign a contract on their first visit. There are several factors that you’ll be thinking about before you sign your contract:
  • Financing
  • The property you want
  • The home size and layout
  • The features you want in your home

Schedule an appointment or two with your Overstreet Sales Rep to chat about these things! It may take a week or two to decide on what you want and if you need custom features, it may take a few days to design and price those unique things.

Your decisiveness drives how quickly you can sign a contract! Make sure to plan appropriately so that you are ready to sign your contract at the beginning of the year!

*If you are looking to build “offsite” or have a home to sell, continue reading to learn about how Overstreet Builders can help your dream home become a reality!





BUILD ON YOUR OWN LOT: If you are planning to build “Offsite” or on a property that you already own, please get in touch with Jim Janik at (630) 226-0460 to discuss the differences in the offsite building calendar. There can be some variances.

HOME TO SELL: If you have a home to sell, WE CAN HELP! Just keep in mind that your build calendar may look a little different if you have to sell in order to build. We can get you set up for success, though, whatever your situation may be!