Welcoming Your Guests into the Perfect Guest Room

Nov 19, 2015

It’s fun to envision yourself in your dream home.  Imagining what your common spaces, kitchen, rooms, and yard could look like is inspiring and fun. Sometimes we need a little help in getting the wheels turning to inspire the vision of certain spaces.


Many of our floor plansfeature a flexible space that can meet a variety of needs, from a guest room to an office or nursery. Now that the holidays are quickly approaching, it’s a great time to create a warm and welcome space for guests. A beautiful guest room that makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable is achievable.


Simple is best

Instead of giving your guest room a theme, it’s better to create a space that will be appealing to any guest, whether it’s a college-aged niece, longtime high school friend or a visiting in-law. Stick to non-gender specific bedding, neutral paint colors, and simple artwork.


Inviting and fresh

It’s the details that go a long way in creating a welcoming space for guests. Fresh flowers are a luxurious detail that clearly communicates to your guests that they are welcome and special.


Splurge a little

High-quality sheets will make your guests feel appreciated and splurged on. Be sure to provide plenty of layering blanket options for comfort. A luxurious throw blanket adds a homey touch of elegance.


Winding Down with Comfort

Think of what will help your guests wind down – a simple nightstand with a lamp, a clock, and perhaps some magazines or books will add a personal touch. Your guests may be weary after traveling all day; give them the excuse to take a load off by providing a variety of reading materials.


It’s the little things

Provide a simple woven basket from Home Goods or Target stocked with fresh towels and a robe. Even adding travel-sized toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo is a very nice touch. This simple but thoughtful gesture can make your guests feel loved. A note with your wi-fi information will come in handy, as well as a charging station.


Be practical

While you may have overnight guests only a few times a year, keep in mind other ways to use this space. A daybed might be a practical piece of furniture, especially if it is covered in luxurious bedding. Add a desk and double the space as an office. If you usually have more than one guest at a time, you may want to have two twin beds rather than one larger bed.


Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration. Contact us soon to talk about your dream home!