What Are the Benefits of a Tear Down?

Jul 12, 2019

A tear-down can be a very big decision and Overstreet Builders is an expert in navigating all the complexities. We’ve broken down our pros and cons of tear-downs so you can decide what’s best for you! If you’re not familiar with tear downs and the process behind them, we invite you to read our blog post What Is a Tear Down? 

Pro: You can stay in an established neighborhood!

One benefit of a tear down house is that you can live in an already established neighborhood! By living in a rooted community, you’ll have the upgrade of a new home but still have the benefit of keeping the same neighbors, schools, and local attractions!

Con: There are a lot of permits involved.

But fear not!  A skilled builder, such as Overstreet Builders, will do all of the work involved in paperwork collecting, applications, submissions, resubmissions and additional review FOR YOU.  For a process that has more “moving parts,” teardown / rebuild permit processes can sometimes take a little longer due to the additional paperwork collection and organization up front.  A professional builder will help guide you with what is or isn’t allowed and help you understand how to accomplish your dream home within guidelines through municipalities or HOAs.

Check out how the city of Naperville handles teardowns. They even have a toolkit to help residents with the process for conducting demolition and redevelopment projects in the city.

Pro: You can have more control of what you want your house to be like.

With a tear down you are finally able to take the reins and decide what features you think are most important in your new home. Check out our build on your lot services to build your custom home where you choose.

Cons: Decisions, decisions, decisions.

As stated above, you have a lot of control! But that will come with a multitude of decisions.  We refer to this as “fun work” as you truly get to make your home uniquely yours!  You get to select the details that will lead to your overall home style, whether traditional, modern or somewhere in between. Plumbing and door hardware, paint and trim styles are just a sampling of the decisions you’ll get to make.

Pro: Newer house, fewer challenges.

When building a new house instead of trying to fix your old one or buying a resale, you’ll have fewer headaches when it comes to the upkeep of your new home. Plus new home warranties are also a huge bonus!

We not only offer new custom homes in established communities in Naperville and Elgin but we also can work to build where you already have land or a teardown project. Contact us at jessica@overstreetbuilders.com to learn more about our custom housing options!