What Is A Tear Down

May 31, 2018

When home buyers are looking for their ideal house, the thought of starting from scratch can be a little off-putting. Under what circumstances do you opt for a teardown and how could Overstreet Builders deliver your dream home to your dream location?

A teardown is a process in which an individual buys an existing home to demolish and replace it with a new house. Teardowns are an alternative home buying option that many home shoppers are overlooking. But it’s being done in major cities like Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Austin.

A teardown is perfect for families who have the perfect location, but the wrong house. Homes ideal for teardowns are usually in a well sought-after neighborhood where the surrounding homes have tons of curb appeal. Today’s homebuyers are seeking a home with great proximity to good schools, short work commutes, entertainment and a strong sense of community. In historic districts like Naperville, the land is of greater value than a teardown house itself.

Teardowns can be tricky. There are plenty of boxes that need to be checked off your list before demolition begins including permits, zoning, historic preservation and demolition challenges. Visit the city of Naperville website for more information on residential teardowns. The City of Naperville has even prepared a toolkit to guide residents  through the process for conducting demolition and redevelopment projects in the city.

 At Overstreet builders, our homeowners never have to settle. Yes, we offer beautiful plans in our communities but we also offer our services to build the house that you want on the land that you choose. Overstreet Builders has the ability to expand your choices for home locations by offering a variety of options for offsite construction once your tear down is complete.

For more information on your choices in offsite construction, please contact an Overstreet Builders representative at (630) 226-0460.