What Makes a Beer Seasonal?

Sep 18, 2017

Before the refrigerator age, many beers were seasonal just for the fact that a brewery had to make what was available. Barley was harvested in the Fall, most brewing happened in the late Fall and Winter. And as the weather was colder, it made it possible to store beer for longer and keep it cool, which was extremely important for darker, higher alcohol content beers. Come Spring and Summer, breweries made beers lighter and quicker to ferment with the barley and hops that was left over from the Fall’s harvest. Even with refrigerators, the tradition of making a seasonal beer is still with us!

Now, breweries try to make beers that taste great and work well with the season’s temperature and flavors. In the warmer seasons, we crave lighter beers with citrus flavors to refresh our palates without making us feel too full. In the winter months, however, darker and heavier beers warm us up, make us feel full, and work well with heavy meals like Thanksgiving dinner!

If your Overstreet home is in Naperville, then you’ve got to check out Yelp’s list of “The Best 10 Breweries in Naperville, IL.” One of our favorites is Metal Monkey Brewing. They have a great stout out right now called Chocolate War Zone With Raspberries, but if you aren’t ready to cozy up to a stout just yet they also have their fun-tasting Furious George American Pale Ale, which is a light, slightly sweet, and citrusy brew. Don’t take our word for how great this brewery is- swing by this weekend and check it out. Solemn Oath Brewery is also a great pick and their beers, such as Death by Viking and Axe Scar Pig., are not for the faint of heart. And if you’re in Naperville you can’t miss out on Two Brothers Tap House, they have artisan beers and coffees that are a must when relaxing with friends and family.

If you’re looking for a place in Naperville that not only has great beers, but also has mouth-watering food such as truffle mac n cheese, duck confit nachos, or filet mignon sliders, we recommend the Old Town Pour House in Naperville. If their amazing beers aren’t enough to get you over there, their food will be!

Elgin, Illinois also has some great breweries to check out. If you’re in the area you’ve got to visit Flesk Brewing! Right now, they have a great wheat ale called Orange Whit, that uses 10lbs of orange peels in the brew! Curious to know more? Check them out yourself!

If you’re in the city for the day, you can bar hop with some great breweries there too! Just remember to always be safe and don’t drink and drive! Now get out there and try the new seasonal beers Illinois has to offer! Cheers!