Where to Live While Your New Home is Under Construction

Apr 30, 2021

It’s a stressful situation. You’re finally ready to move, but you can’t settle into your new place until it’s done being built. You’re probably feeling anxious about getting into your new home. We know you’ve been waiting for this moment a long time and you want to move in ASAP…

But you can’t live in a construction zone! So where will you live while your new home is under construction? We want to help you find the best option. Here are some suggestions on where to live until your next home is ready for you.

Stay Put

If possible, consider staying in your current home until construction is complete. This will give you more time to pack and prepare. Plus it will save you the expense of moving everything twice.

You’ll also feel more in control during the selling process. You can take your time meeting with sales agents, creating a sales strategy, pricing your home correctly, and collecting more offers, instead of feeling rushed to get out, only to wait around until your next home is complete.

Short-Term Rental

While some people can afford to pay two mortgages, many can not. Plus your home may have sold already and you don’t have the luxury of remaining there.

In this case, opt for a short-term rental. While construction on your new house can sometimes face delays, try to get a good estimate on the completion date from your builder, and then choose your rental accordingly.

Most property managers will require you to sign a one-year lease on a rental home. But occasionally you can find a 6 month, 3 month, or even 1 month lease agreement. If you can’t find a short term option, try negotiating by offering a larger security deposit or paying slightly more each month.

We recommend renting a place in the neighborhood you plan to live. This will allow you to learn the area.

Vacation House

Big moves are stressful. Give your whole family a break from the pressure by making this in-between time something special! Take a temporary vacation from the stress of moving.

Find an Airbnb or other vacation home in the interim in a place you’ve always wanted to visit.

As long as it won’t interrupt your work commute, making this brief period of life a mini vay-cay can help you get through it with ease!

Couch Surf

The most affordable way to transition is to load your moving boxes into a storage unit and couch surf. Save money by staying with family and friends for a while. You could pick one generous relative who will let you stay during the whole building timeframe, or you can hop from house to house.

Just be upfront about how long you’ll need to stay, and be ready and willing to leave if they suddenly need you to go.

Don’t forget to thank them graciously and offer a small token of your appreciation when you leave; like gift cards to dinner, a new house plant, or some money to cover the cost of utilities.


A hotel should be your last resort. While the complimentary breakfast, maid service, and 24 hour pool access are a welcome novelty from the norm, even the cheapest hotels will cost you a small fortune over time.

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