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Preparing for the Full Moon

October’s full moon is approaching! This year on October 13th, get your Overstreet home prepared so you can be comfortable during this major event. October’s full moon is called the Full Hunter’s Moon. It gets its name from the game you hunt, like deer or rabbits, when they are at their fattest to prepare for [...]

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Builder Myths: Home Builders Don’t Use Quality Products

While this is often true with tract, “cookie-cutter” type builders, Overstreet Builders stands out – even in the custom category of home building. Our belief is that the materials and details are the most important part of building a house. We have partnered with the best tradesmen over the years and have kept those relationships [...]

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What Are the Benefits of a Tear Down?

A tear-down can be a very big decision and Overstreet Builders is an expert in navigating all the complexities. We’ve broken down our pros and cons of tear-downs so you can decide what’s best for you! If you’re not familiar with tear downs and the process behind them, we invite you to read our blog [...]

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Controlling Upgrades – Builder Myths

There’s often a perception that builders are pushing to sell you everything that you see… plus more.  That’s just not the case.  What we DO want is to make sure that each customer has been offered everything that they might want in their new home.  Just because a buyer is asked if they want it [...]

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I Can’t Afford to Build – Builder Myths

Don’t assume that building is going to be out of your wheelhouse, even if you have a tight budget.  There are more horror stories about buyers settling on a used home only to discover that they must replace floors, appliances, garage doors, etc. just shortly after they move in. The beauty of owning a new [...]

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Building Is Too Intimidating! – Builder Myths

Today’s “Building Myth”:  Building a new home is too intimidating. We’d love to say that building is for everyone, but it just isn’t.  The great news is:  If you have time, patience, love to pick out your own things and want to customize your space, building DOES NOT have to be scary!  Even if you [...]

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April Tax Credit Match!

Stre-e-e-e-e-e-etch your income tax credit! Spend your tax credit on something valuable this year and let it keep giving back to your family! Overstreet Builders will match your tax credit up to $2,500 on your new home purchase through the April 30 2019. Don’t delay! Call Grace (Naperville Sales) at (630) 226-0460 x 209 Call [...]

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Unknown Costs – Builder Myths

A lot of new home buyers are concerned that their builder is going to surprise them with a bunch of unknown costs.  This simply is not true (of all builders, anyway). Here at Overstreet Builders, it is our goal to cover as much as we possibly can up front.  Using the models, past photos and [...]

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Be Prepared for Your Pricing Appointment

One of the hardest things, as a salesperson, is to watch a customer completely blow their budget on their first appointment.  Unfortunately, it is very easy to do.  If this happens to you, fear not, it’s not uncommon and as long as you are clear about your intentions, your sales person should be able to [...]

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Community Feature: Ashwood Park and Hidden Creek In Naperville

Ranked as the #1 city to raise a family in for 2018, Naperville is the gem of the Chicago suburbs. Less than a forty-five-minute drive from downtown Chicago, Naperville is a charming yet upscale city that remains the hub of DuPage County. With an A+ ranking in school districts, housing, and diversity families are flocking [...]

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