Offsite Building Guide

What goes into offsite building? Building “offsite” can be extremely rewarding!  We want you set up for success as you pursue your dream home on your dream property.  Not only is it important for you to start considering these topics for your own knowledge, but any builder that you are considering should bring up ALL of these points as well.  Knowing all of the information that could affect your build and budget will ensure that the partner you are pursuing for your new home can navigate your property and home construction for the best possible outcome. WITHOUT a team like Overstreet AND proper guidance, building “offsite” can be intimidating, costly and a huge headache.  FEAR NOT!  We are here to help! This guide is:
  • To get you set up for future conversations with your Overstreet rep.
  • To get you prepared for questions  and discussions that will be coming your way and   how to start finding the answers.
  • To help you understand why certain steps need to be taken.
  • And many other considerations.
We will help you avoid potential disasters in your “offsite” building journey. We hope that you will find some helpful information in this guide.  And remember!.. We are the expert in this field… let us work with you to put the pieces in place!  Missing just one tiny piece of this intricate puzzle could completely blow your budget, prevent the entire project from happening (yes, sadly, we’ve seen it happen) or turn your dream build into a nightmare.  We do not want that to happen to you.  Let us oversee your project so that you have the best outcome possible. Use this as an overview of the things you need to keep in mind while selecting your city, property and floor plan so that there are no surprises and your build experience is as smooth as possible!  Being “in the know” – as they say – will help you feel the most satisfied with your overall experience. Overstreet Builders is YOUR offsite specialist!  We work alongside you through this process to make your “offsite building” decision one that you’ll be happy you made. Here are some criteria to consider:
  1. GENERAL LOCATION:  The property needs to meet your family’s wants and needs in terms of location.
  2. SPECIFIC LOCATION:  The property needs to meet your family’s needs in terms of community / neighborhood.  Community features and CCRs (or Community Covenants and Restrictions, which can dictate everything from fencing and pools to height of the house and coverage on the property) can affect your desire to live in a community.
  3. LAND RESTRICTIONS:  The home needs to physically “fit” on the property you select.
  4. HOME DESIGN:  The home needs to meet your family’s wants and needs in terms of floor plan, layout and design.
  5. HOME DETAILS:  The home needs to meet your family’s needs in terms of quality, aesthetic finishes and details.
  6. “OFFSITE PREP”:  Is the land ready for your new home?
  7. TIMELINE:  What does the timeline for your build look like?
  8. OVERALL BUDGET:  The financial breakdown of Offsite building:
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