Here is what our customers are saying about Overstreet Builders:

"We selected Overstreet Builders after speaking to few other builders in the Ashwood Park sub-division in Naperville. It was clear after the first meeting itself that Overstreet Builders is the right choice to build our dream home. We met Jessica Overstreet and she was clearly knowledgeable, eager to answer any questions we had and help us make the right decision. What we liked the most in our first couple of interactions with Jessica was that she was not trying to oversell or push us to go with them but very candid telling us pros and cons of building a custom home. She was patient, gave us all the information we needed and answered every question we had. Jessica and Doug Overstreet both helped us pick the right Lot and through the contract process. After we signed contract, Terri and Jessica helped us through customizations. We were impressed how organized they were in regards to every aspect of house and customizations. They walked us through each piece and were very patient and diligent around details. We had hundreds of customizations, starting from major changes to front elevation and driveway to where on the wall each of the power outlet is going to be, but Terri and Jessica both were very helpful and patient. Sub-contractors that Overstreet has picked (i.e. for Cabinets, Flooring, Granite, etc.) were all experienced, accommodative of our needs and easy to work with. We interacted with Rob Thornton during the construction of the house and, just like rest of the Overstreet team, Rob made walkthroughs and everything during the construction so simple for us. They completed all the construction work on time with almost no delays. They planned so well around weather conditions so delays due to extreme weather that year were also minimal. Closing was cakewalk! Doug and rest of the team was proactive providing all the details to lender. We moved in pretty much the day after the closing! Service team since closing has been easy to approach and great team to work with. They have been very responsive and always eager to help. Thank you Doug, Jessica, Terri, Rob and rest of the Overstreet team to turn our dream home into a reality!" - Prakash and Kanchan


"Thank you for the quick response to our questions by providing answers and making recommendations for our “new house” needs.  This is a special time for us! Our previous home in South Elgin was built by <*unnamed builder> and we were delighted with their customer service and quality materials.  We never thought that experience could be surpassed by any other builder!  From all of our meetings with Jim at the Sales Center and working with him through the change order and selection process  through now working with you and Drew, Overstreet has far exceeded that experience!  Your extensive customer service and quality products have made this the very best experience for us.   The weekly e-mail updates with pictures are a plus and we eagerly await each and everyone of them!  Our 1st walk through went very well and Drew was very helpful!    Jan and I have extensive customer service backgrounds and do not hesitate to speak up when we see stellar service.  We would like to extend our most sincere thanks for all you do to keep things moving smoothly throughout a stressful personal period in our lives. We appreciate your partnership and applaud Overstreet." - John and Janet Malkiewicz
*We were asked to remove the other builder's name for privacy purposes*



We received the card from Overstreet in the mail yesterday, that was so very thoughtful of you to send. Please thank everyone at Overstreet for their kind words, we are humbled. It does not go unnoticed the kind of treatment we’ve received from Overstreet and we appreciate being treated as “family” during this process. You are all such great people and we have been so blessed to work with you on our house. Warm regards," - Stacey and Adolfo Baez


"Our family has built two houses though Overstreet Builders and we have been nothing but happy. They are a family owned business who will build your home as if they are building one for their sons and daughters.

 The team will make sure they are building a house to the highest quality and standards. The best part of Overstreet Builders is the after sale support. It’s been almost four years and they are willing to drive to my home and look at any issue without question. Finally, they are custom home builders. You are not locked into any specific model because they are able to customize your home to your dreams."

- Jeeri Reddy


“This is the third house that we have had built and this experience with Overstreet Builders was by far the best. From the moment we walked into the display home, Kari made us feel like old friends and maintained that level of relationship all the way through, always being available, always meeting every request. The quality of the build is excellent and we couldn’t be more pleased. We asked Overstreet to build us a house; what they gave us is a home”

- Margaret and Gerard


"I wanted to take a minute to say thank you again for our beautiful home. We have lived here in Highland Woods for almost 2 years now and every day we find something new about our house that we love. From the simple, like the play room you added for us upstairs, to our kitchen you saved for us when the supplier went out of business, to our gorgeous basement. As we entertain and have visitors, the compliments abound on the workmanship and style of our home. We have moved five times as a family, and built three homes. Overstreet was the best builder we have ever worked with out of the three. From the time I walked in and said I am ready to build, until the day our home was completed, everyone was accessible. Kari helped me every step of the way to make the changes to the home we desired. She was always willing to meet with me on my schedule as we made our selections. She also ensured I did not pick anything that would look bad since I was making all the design decisions while my wife was in Minnesota. When the house was finished my wife stated this is our best home, cozy yet spacious, and every corner is useable space.

We love it in Highland Woods and highly recommend Overstreet Builders to anyone and everyone thinking of building a home. You are great people, with great service, and build a great home!"

- The Steele Family


"We are thrilled with Overstreet Builders. They are responsive, honest, and professional and are a joy to work with. We would recommend Overstreet to all our friends and family. Their prices were very reasonable. They built us our dream home and stayed within budget. You have been a joy to work with, thank you so much for everything!"

- Jamie


"You can trust Overstreet Builders to build a beautiful quality home; they have built two homes for us!"

- Linda and Gary Jordan


"We built our house in 2010 with Overstreet Builders in Highland Woods subdivision. We are very pleased with the professionalism of Overstreet and their commitment to customer service. We are very satisfied with the overall experience of building with Overstreet, but most impressed with their ongoing support they have provided after construction, their attentiveness, and always putting the customer first. We would definitely recommend Overstreet Builders to our friends and family."

-Brian & Lindsay Goetz


"My husband and I moved into our Overstreet home 8 months ago in Highland Woods and we LOVE it! The layout of the home is perfect for us.  Doug, you have some great people working for you!"

- Angel and Steve Hacker


"I would like to express my thoughts on Overstreet Builders and their staff. With never building a home before and not knowing how things 'work,' Overstreet has been there all the way. From sales office, to builder, to workers, to landscapers, everyone has been awesome. Our home needed many changes due to handicap accessibility, and everyone was there to help, advise and guide. We love our home, neighbors, and community. Having a school in the development has been wonderful. The pool and fitness center is amazing. We have been here 3 years now and so happy we built with Overstreet. They are very professional, meticulous and pleasant to work with."

- The Warpehoski Family


"We just wanted to say an extra thank you to you for the house you built us. Thank you again for building a wonderful and safe house that we are lucky to call home."

- Allie and Neil


"We highly recommend Overstreet Builders. From pre-construction to this day, two years later, Overstreet Builders has been by our side. They welcomed us and our input throughout the construction process. They were great to work with and have always treated us with respect. Overstreet Builders is a local, family owned company. They have built homes for generations because of the quality of their work. If we were to build another home, there is no doubt that we would build with Overstreet Builders again.

Doug Overstreet, his daughter, Jessica, and his son, Greg, were very thoughtful and knowledgable throughout the entire design and construction of our home, They were upfront about the pricing. We always walked out the door knowing exactly  where we were with the price of our home. And if we wanted to add something that they didn't immediately have a price for, they would call the contractor or supplier and get the price for us right away. There were no games and no hidden costs. There is great comfort in knowing that you are dealing with a builder that is professional and honest.

Overstreet Builder's superintendent, Rob, was always very welcoming to us during our construction walk thrus. He explained everything that was being done and why. And he welcomed all of our questions. Our final walk thru was a breeze because Rob was knowledgable and highly efficient throughout the construction process. Rob is a consummate professional.

We have lived in our Overstreet home for two years now. We know that we can call Overstreet whenever we need assistance with anything. And we have. They are a family owned company that treats us like family. We receive great service from both Overstreet and their contractors. Overstreet Builders employs great contractors. We respect the companies that Overstreet sends to our home. They do great work and are highly professional. Therefore, whenever we need additional work done in our home, we call the Overstreet contractor directly.  It is nice to have the same company that did all of the original work in our home come back to do the additional work. Overstreet Builders uses only the best contractors and suppliers. We are confident when we go back to these companies that we will get great service, too. Overstreet Builders takes great pride in the construction process of their homes. It is their family's name on the door. A name that has carried great weight in the Chicago area for generations. We are very proud to have an Overstreet home." Mr. and Mrs. C., Naperville, IL
Overstreet Builders

"Thank you for the quick response to our questions by providing answers and making recommendations for our “new house” needs. This is a special time for us! Our previous home in South Elgin was built by [unnamed builder] and we were delighted with their ..." READ MORE
- John and Janet Malkiewicz