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Picking The Right Color for Your Homes Front Door

You’ve been looking for the perfect front door color, but just can’t find it. We know how frustrating that is! Overstreet Builders understands how important it is to find a color that matches your personality and style, while complementing the exterior of your home. That’s the winning recipe for great curb appeal! Here’s the questions [...]

Home Appliances Designed to Make Life Easier in 2021

Convenience has reached greater heights these days with smart technology everywhere — especially when it comes to at-home appliances! There hasn’t been a better time to splurge on modern day conveniences, and this is true both for busy on-the-go families and homebodies. And many smart devices are available in Overstreet Builders homes! You’ll find taking [...]

Spring Home Prep Tips for Illinois Residents

After months of freezing Illinois temperatures and wet weather, spring has finally arrived. Thank goodness for the burst of color and occasional sun breaks! Don’t let the season get away from you before tending to some very important home maintenance. The transition to spring means it’s time for preventative prep and potential repairs for Illinois [...]

Illinois Indoor Gardening

Gardening is a great way to connect with nature, cut boredom, and gain a new skill. And with indoor growing, you get fresher air and ever-changing organic decor in your Overstreet Builders home. Don’t overwhelm yourself with thoughts of wilting leaves and shriveled petals — we’re here to help you grow a beautiful indoor garden [...]

Make 2021 Your Dream Home Year

Making a big move in a pandemic may seem like a risky decision. Times are uncertain, and you may feel hesitant about your money being well spent. 2021 is the year to take the leap! Now is a great time to stretch your investment and get the home of your dreams. Here’s why you should [...]

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