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Unknown Costs – Builder Myths

A lot of new home buyers are concerned that their builder is going to surprise them with a bunch of unknown costs.  This simply is not true (of all builders, anyway). Here at Overstreet Builders, it is our goal to cover as much as we possibly can up front.  Using the models, past photos and [...]

St.Patrick’s Day Celebrations Around the Chicago Suburbs

St.Patrick’s Day weekend is upon us! Homeowners across the Chicago suburbs are gearing up for two days of fun, great food, and a traditional Irish experiences. From the St.Patrick’s Day Parade in Naperville to delicious food tastings at the Naperville Fresh Thymes Market, there’s something for everyone this St.Patty’s Day weekend! Minutes away from our [...]

Be Prepared for Your Pricing Appointment

One of the hardest things, as a salesperson, is to watch a customer completely blow their budget on their first appointment.  Unfortunately, it is very easy to do.  If this happens to you, fear not, it’s not uncommon and as long as you are clear about your intentions, your sales person should be able to [...]

Community Feature: Ashwood Park and Hidden Creek In Naperville

Ranked as the #1 city to raise a family in for 2018, Naperville is the gem of the Chicago suburbs. Less than a forty-five-minute drive from downtown Chicago, Naperville is a charming yet upscale city that remains the hub of DuPage County. With an A+ ranking in school districts, housing, and diversity families are flocking [...]

Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Clean During Winter

Winter can take a toll on the flooring of your home. From muddy boots tracking debris all over your carpets and hardwood floors to overall wear and tear from standing furniture and foot traffic; it can be quite a task to keep your hardwood floors clean during the colder months in Illinois.  With winter in [...]

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