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Build On Your Lot

Have you purchased your own land and would like to build a house on it? We at Overstreet Builders realize that our featured subdivisions may not fit your needs or suit your lifestyle. For people who do not want to live in a typical subdivision, the choices are sometimes limited. Often, it boils down to settling for a “one man show” contractor struggle through constructing a house or settling for something that does not precisely fit your needs. For this reason, we offer our services to build the house that you want on the land that you want. Overstreet Builders has the ability to expand your choices for home locations by offering a variety of options for offsite construction.

At Overstreet Builders, we adapt to fit your needs for new home construction. Some people come to us with land that they own and want us to build a house similar or identical to a home that we have already built. Others want to design a house that is entirely unique, possibly designing with special needs in mind. And there are some people that come to us and like our floor plans, but do not feel comfortable with our locations – they want us to help them find a site and construct their home for them. Whatever the situation, we want to build your new home and make construction of your new home easier for you.

The important thing to remember is that no matter where we build, on your land or ours, the same great quality of homes is carried from the subdivision sites to your specific home site. Equally important, we stand behind our work wherever it is done. The same warranty covers off-site construction and the same customer service is provided to our home buyers wherever they choose to build. For more information on your choices in offsite construction, please contact an Overstreet Builders representative at (630) 226-0460.