Controlling Upgrades – Builder Myths

May 23, 2019

There’s often a perception that builders are pushing to sell you everything that you see… plus more.  That’s just not the case.  What we DO want is to make sure that each customer has been offered everything that they might want in their new home.  Just because a buyer is asked if they want it doesn’t mean they are expected to purchase it.  So do not assume that you have to upgrade everything.. or anything for that matter.  Custom builders, such as Overstreet Builders, offer beautiful, high end finishes even in their standard amenity packages.  They offer quality products and have a high standard of building, so at minimum you will be getting a solid, safe and reliable home.

Now, we know that seeing the options in the models makes it difficult to say “no” to things that are beautiful.  But you alone are in complete control of your upgrades.  Figure out what you want to do and then decide what is most important to you and your family.  There are some helpful tips here:

Be Prepared for Your Pricing Appointment

You’d be surprised at the creative and impactful things that can be done to dress up your home – even on a tight budget.  Give your salesperson incite on what you like and they may be able to help you do something that is uniquely yours!

But how do you really know what’s important to you?  There are a few tests to run on any given feature.  Let’s use the example of secondary bathroom faucets:

  1. Without looking, ask yourself what style those faucets currently are in your own home?  What finish?  What spread?
  2. Next, ask yourself those same questions about your closest friend’s house.
  3. And then about a relative’s house.
  4. If you have the luxury, test yourself and ask your friend and your relative to take a picture of what their faucets look like so you can figure out if you got it right.

If it is a feature that you know about and you’ve noticed in someone else’s home, it’s probably important to you.  If you have never noticed or never cared, save your money until you find the things that really pop to you.

An old model had a tray ceiling in the family room, so it was offered as part of our pricing sit.  When customers would get to it and weighed if they needed it I would ask “do you know if the model has it?”  Some would know, but those who didn’t (after being in the model multiple times) would look at each other and realize that neither of them ever even noticed.  It was always a very interesting test and it would quickly help them realize that other features took priority on their list.

Moral of the story is:  Know what your family NEEDS first, then work through WANT items with the budget that is left.  Know what is important to you before you are presented with extras and your journey will feel a lot less like you’re breaking the bank and more like you are getting exactly what you wanted!