Disney Plus Recommendations

Feb 12, 2020

With less and less people owning cable, streaming services have come full force. Disney has now jumped onto the streaming bandwagon and has come out with Disney+. We know, we know, ANOTHER streaming service? However not only does this service have original movies and series, but it also has all past Disney movies and TV shows. Consider it the Disney Vault! Snuggle up in your Ashwood Park or Hidden Creek home this winter and watch some of these top Disney+ Originals.


If you are a big Star Wars fan like us, you’ll love this TV show. Have you seen the baby yoda meme floating around? Well, now you know where it’s from. This series is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. Follow the adventures of a lone gunfighter traverse the outer reaches of the galaxy in this series. Soon you can also have a baby yoda to watch it with from Build a Bear!

Lady and the Tramp

Do you love this animated classic? Watch the revamped version on Disney+. Starring Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux, relive this 1955 classic in a modern light. Who doesn’t love a dog love story?


If you are a theater lover and a Kristen Bell fan, you’ll love this series! Kristen Bell brings together former theater high school students and tasks them with recreating the productions that they were in together. Full of emotions, this series showcases what it takes to be in theater. You’ll even be greeted with some of the best actors on Broadway to help them through.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Explore the world through the famous actor, Jeff Goldblum’s mind. Partnered with National Geographic, each episode is centered around something we all love and explores each detail. Packed with amazing facts and history, this is a great series to watch with the family. How could you go wrong with Jeff Goldblum being the host?

One Day at Disney

Are you a Disney buff? Get an inside look of what a day in the life of a Disney employee looks like. Explore the adventures of the employees that have the heart of the most famous mouse. This documentary is full of inspiring people and stories to make you love the world of Disney even more.

Have you gotten a subscription yet? Take some time this winter in your Chicago home and warm up with these Disney+ Originals. Which Disney movie or show is your favorite?