First Floor Master Plans

Nov 15, 2019

You want it, you got it! Many families are falling in love with single story living and there are so many reasons why…

Many Illinoisans are “planning for the future”.  For those who know that Illinois will be home for the long-term, moving again seems like a big hassle, plus it is expensive!  Planning your next home to serve you for the next few decades makes a lot of sense!

First floor living is often associated with those who are no longer spring chickens, if you get my drift!  And for good reason…  When your body starts to feel wear and tear, stairs are no longer something you want to deal with daily.  And when you factor in tasks like cleaning and laundry, oftentimes one trip on the stairs in not a reality.

We’ve recently seen a spike in ranch home interest in young families as well.

Even for some younger folks, injuries and illnesses often make stairs a real pain in the neck.. many prefer the ease of maneuvering a home that is fully accessible when these issues arise.

We’ve even seen a rise in young families wanting ranch floor plans for other reasons:

-          Parents like that their children are close by when napping during the day so that they can hear when they wake up or are restless.

-          They can keep a better eye on them while their children are playing in their rooms.

-          The parents can be doing household chores and not have a fear of their children getting into things or falling down the stairs because they are always on the same level.

Structurally, ranches allow for more vaulted ceilings.  When families downsize, this helps the home feel as large as possible while taking square footage down.  As we all know, “open” floor plans are very much still the rage and high ceilings help accomplish this feel.

Another popular option is a first floor master with a few bedrooms upstairs like our Berkshire floor plan!  This is sometimes popular for buyers who want their master on the first floor but prefer to have guests or children upstairs – often for privacy purposes.

First floor master plans allow for backyard / side yard access from the master, which can be highly desired… especially if the buyer has found a great homesite with beautiful scenery.  Some of our buyers have put in pools and the direct access from the master is a great touch when you have a beautiful backyard living space!

So, whatever your goals, discuss them with your Overstreet Sales Rep!  We guarantee to help you meet all of your goals .. for tomorrow and for the future of your family!