How to Keep Your New Home Cool Without Blasting the AC

Jul 13, 2016

This summer, there’s no need to blast the air conditioning to cool your new home in Naperville or Elgin. These simple tips will help you get the most out of your A.C. and keep your home feeling cool.

Ceiling fans should rotate counter-clockwise

You may have set your ceiling fans to clockwise during the winter to distribute warm air, but now it’s time to go back to counter-clockwise. The slant of the blades pushes air down, creating a breeze and making you feel cooler.

Keep your blinds closed

According to the Consumer Energy Center, solar heat gain through windows may account for 30 percent or more of a home’s summer cooling requirements. Keep your blinds closed to keep this down to a minimum.

Shade your home with landscaping

Too much heat getting in even with the blinds closed? Planting trees and shrubs in front of  west-facing windows will block solar heat from entering your home.

Keep inside doors open

Closing a door traps the air and significantly slows down the airflow in your house. Keep your doors open to allow cool air to flow throughout the house.

Blow a fan with a bowl of ice in front of it

If the ceiling fan just isn’t cutting it, place a bowl or pan of ice right in front of a fan and point it at yourself to enjoy a nice, cooling breeze.

Choose bedding that breathes

Switch out your heavy winter bedding for sheets made of 100% natural fibers, including silk and cotton blends like percale, sateen, and jersey. These types of sheets let air circulate and keep moisture from forming, keeping you cool and dry through the night.

Cool your body, not your house

If you need to cool down fast, apply an ice pack or cold compress to pulse points at the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, or behind the knees.

Use your exhaust fans

After a steamy shower and whenever you cook inside, use your exhaust fan to pull all of that heat out of your home and keep you cool.

Grill outside

Avoid cooking inside whenever possible. The heat you use will only make your house feel warmer. Instead, take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and get outside to grill!

Turn off lights and unplug electronics

Turn off your lights when they’re not in use, especially incandescents, which give off a lot of heat. Electronics, even when turned off, emit heat when they’re plugged in, so unplug whatever you’re not using (or plug them into a power strip that can be easily switched on and off).

Make use of your programmable thermostats

Make sure to set a schedule on your programmable thermostats so you are only paying to cool your house when it’s necessary. Look into a smart thermostat that works to learn your behaviors and offers the flexibility to adjust the temperature remotely from your smartphone or device.

Take advantage of Peak Time Savings

ComEd offers Peak Time Savings. You can earn a credit on your bill by reducing electricity at certain times throughout the cooling season!