Make Your Move Out of The City of Chicago

Sep 22, 2020

Thinking of shifting life from the busy city to quaint suburbia? With all that’s happened in 2020, homeowners are uprooting to neighborhoods that offer more space, privacy and affordability. With work-from-home options at an all time high, moving away from big-city careers is more attainable than ever! Now’s the time to pursue a laid-back lifestyle in Chicago’s suburbs.

Benefits of the ‘Burbs

There are definitely benefits to being near a large city like Chicago. From shopping to nightlife and cultural activities, there’s always something to do. Living on the outskirts is the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a peaceful life in the ‘burbs and take a quick commute downtown for special occasions. Exploring towns just outside the Windy City is a great compromise.

What makes the suburbs so enticing? For years, jobs and amenities were the big driver behind dense living in urban neighborhoods. But why live in a congested, expensive city when you can thrive in a smaller community nearby?

Space and Scenery

Parks, walking and bike trails are a core feature near many Overstreet homes. Carefully planned landscaping and spacious neighborhood layouts create a scenic environment. Whether you want a view for retirement or a park-like setting for raising children, our communities deliver. The Americana Estates in Bolingbrook even features a 20 acre lake!

Local Activities

Who said suburban neighborhoods have nothing to offer for entertainment? Not us!

Tucked into DuPage County is the vibrant Glen Ellyn community. This historic area offers a prosperous downtown full of interesting boutiques, shops and restaurants. And it’s a throughway for the bustling commuter train to Chicago, making access to the city easy.

Build a home in Oak Brook, which is chock-full of lively entertainment nearby, including gourmet eating at the Oak Brook Shopping Center, performances at the Drury Lane Theatre, exceptional golfing at highly acclaimed courses, and local seasonal events. All our communities have plenty to do right outside your front door!

Stronger Schools

School-life is looking quite different with virtual classes. But highly-rated schools are still a big draw for families house-hunting in the suburbs.

Schools in the suburbs generally have smaller class sizes with more teachers. Students have an easier time fitting in because kids attend school with their neighbors. This makes extra-curricular activities and playdates more personable and easier on parents’ schedules. Our Naperville and Hinsdale communities offer award-winning and desirable school districts. If you’re a parent with school-aged kids, a quality education is a noble reason to leave the city.

Safe Neighborhoods

Safety and a lack of sirens is a compelling reason to relocate. Petty theft, misdemeanors and more serious crimes diminish when you live in less populated areas. One of the safest suburbs in America is Naperville!

If you’re ready to find peace and solitude outside of Chicago, connect with Overstreet Builders. We can build a luxury home that fits your family’s needs, in a small community that impresses!