Preparing for the Full Moon

Sep 27, 2019

October’s full moon is approaching! This year on October 13th, get your Overstreet home prepared so you can be comfortable during this major event. October’s full moon is called the Full Hunter’s Moon. It gets its name from the game you hunt, like deer or rabbits, when they are at their fattest to prepare for the winter. Another popular name for it is the Blood Moon. During this time there are major energy shifts that can make you feel uncomfortable. We’re sorting through our tips and tricks to make your home a place of relaxation this fall.

To start, what are energy shifts?
“An Energy shift, or ascension as they call it, is basically an increase in the awareness level and vibration energy which creates an obvious shift in the level of consciousness one possesses” – Conscious Reminder

This could make you feel odd, light-headed, nauseous, or even depressed.

How can you help it? There are internal and external ways to combat this energy shift by changing your regular routine into a more relaxed and peaceful one. Making these adjustments in your house can make it feel cozy and airy – perfect for a full moon.


  • Take some time to relax! With our busy schedules, taking time to relax can be an afterthought. Taking a bath, drinking some tea, or reading a book are some small ways to bring some relaxation into your day without taking a long time away from obligations.
  • Spend less time on electronics. Let’s face it, our phones, computers, and TVs are hard to live without. We’re not saying to ditch your devices completely, just be aware of how long you are on them and try to shorten your electronic time. This takes away the stress of social media, the strain on your eyes from the blue light, and constant stimulation of the brain. Shutting off your devices can help you balance your mind and body.
  • Drink plenty of water. We know, we know. You’ve heard this before. It does make a difference though. Dehydration can lead to stress, weakness, and dizziness. Rehydrating yourself is the most important step to dealing with energy shifts from the moon. It helps to restore your body.
  • Get plenty of sleep. This one may seem like a no brainer. However, getting plenty of sleep during energy shifts is crucial to being comfortable and energized. If you don’t take the time to get a little extra sleep, the energy shift can make you feel even more exhausted and weakened.
  • Create your own moon ritual. A what? Moon rituals are something you can do simply and quickly or you can make them long and lavish. It’s up to you! Some things you can do during your ritual are remember your loved ones, carve a pumpkin, or even make an herb butter to dress your harvested veggies. Follow some of these tips from last year’s Hunter’s Moon.


  • Prep your house! There are simple ways to make your house feel balanced and energized. First, open all of your doors and windows to let fresh air in. This will help cleanse the air and make your house feel cool and crisp. Next, sage your entire house. This is a common cleansing technique to help reset the energies in your home. You can order some off of Amazon for cheap! Lastly, use crystals to help balance the energies in your home. Crystals like quartz and moonstone bring peace and comfort to your home so you can feel relaxed.
  • Make it cozy. Toss extra pillows and blankets on your bed and couch to make you feel extra snuggly. For some more warmth, light some extra candles around the house to bring a cozy ambiance. Here are some great decorating tips for some cozy vibes.
  • Decorate your home with colors that make you happy. Some of these colors can include yellow, orange, and red for extra energy or you can use cool tones like blues and purples for a more serene atmosphere.
  • Fill it with supportive people. Invite family and friends for small get together and much needed sleep overs. Having people that love and care for you in your home can bring peace and happiness to it. Stay up late and watch the Hunter’s Moon rise and fall together with a cup of hot tea.
  • Make a meditation corner in your living room. This can help you self reflect and calm your nerves. Need some help? Download a meditation app to help coach you and keep you on track. We love this idea of a meditation space.

Follow these tips to get you and your Overstreet home prepared for these upcoming energy shifts from this year’s Full Hunter’s Moon. How do you like to decorate your home for the fall season? Have any tips that you use to make your home comfortable? Let us know on social media!