The Best Dog Breeds for the Chicago Area

Oct 21, 2019

October is #DogAdoptionMonth; you can save a dog’s life by choosing adoption instead of going to a breeder. By adopting, you can save money and give a dog a well deserved home. Now that we’ve convinced you to adopt, it’s time to decide what type of breed to get. Chicago is known for its dogs and pet friendly spaces. Let’s go through some of the top breeds in the Chicago area!


We’ve got a special guest dog in this lineup of best dog breeds. Meet Tanner, Greg Overstreet and his wife, Megan’s, rescued boxer from Casey’s Safe Haven! Tanner went from being a rescue dog to a lovable therapy pooch who enjoys long naps. Boxers are bright, fun-loving dogs that are great for families. We just had to include him in this list!


The Beagle is known as *America’s Dog*. This classic pup is a great family dog and easy to train! Even though beagles are considered active and vigilant, they are great for smaller houses. They only grow up to be about 24 pounds so they are less expensive to feed and easy to take care of. Beagles are known for being playful and affectionate towards their owners and love to play with other dogs. Check out some of the local dog parks when you visit the city with your pups so they can make some furry friends!

French Bulldog

Nicknamed Frenchies, these are great small dogs to take care of. French bulldogs are one of the most popular dogs in Chicago! They can be expensive from a breeder, so if you have your heart set on a Frenchie we encourage you to keep your eyes peeled at your local shelter in case one of these cuties shows up. Since they are on the smaller size, they have medium energy and do not need to be exercised often. You might be surprised, but these dogs are also not loud barkers! They are a perfect dog for anyone that is not overly active. Search for these lovable dogs at the French Bulldog Rescue in the heart of Chicago, just an hour drive from our Naperville Community: Ashwood Park!
Golden Retriever

Of course we have to mention one of the most loved and popular dogs in America. These beautiful dogs are great for families! Be prepared to go running and schedule lots of play time because they need exercise. They are easy to train and very friendly with other dogs. Show off your dog by walking them downtown in Chicago!

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are great for our Overstreet homes that have big backyards! They are one of the largest dogs in the world so they need a lot of space to run around. If you are active, this dog will be your best friend. They are known for being loyal and courageous so you’ll never feel alone.

Siberian Husky

A lot of people compare huskies to wolves with their looks and their mannerisms. The windy and cold climate of the Chicago suburbs is perfect for huskies because of their dense, silky fur. While very hairy, they are self cleaning and only need a few baths a year. Even though they are large, they are great for families.
Top Shelters in Chicago
If you’re ready to adopt your next furry friend we encourage you to find them at these no kill shelters:

Red Door Shelter

  • Location: 2410 W Lunt Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • A little over an hour’s drive from our Hinsdale Community in Naperville.
  • This shelter offers a cageless environment for the animals to roam and stay active.

Paws Chicago

  • 1997 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Just 18 miles from our Elmhurst Community.
  • Paws offers plenty of mixed breeds and puppies to choose from and will work with you to make sure you get the best breed that fits your home and lifestyle.

Have we missed any of your favorite breeds?

Our houses are dog friendly, complete with spacious backyards for your furry friends to roam and play in. Tag us in your dog photos in your Overstreet Home!