The Building Blocks

Jul 2, 2018

Purchasing a home is definitely a “life decision”.  And it’s important to remember that “life decisions” take a little bit (a lot) of energy and consideration for most people.  They can be a little (a lot!) scary to dive into and it is ok to feel hesitant about approaching them… especially if it is a first-time purchase or a first-time build.

Overstreet Builders has been providing an enriching and rewarding experience to hundreds of buyers for over 55 years…many of whom were dealing with the same concerns that you may have at this very moment. While the process can seem daunting at first, rest assured that with the guidance that Overstreet offers, we can help you feel not only comfortable, but excited about making one of the best decisions of your life!

For an *onsite build, there are only 7 Simple Steps to moving you and your family into your brand-new dream home!

  1. Pricing / Deposits –Discussing with your salesperson which property, floor plan and features best suit your family’s needs and finalizing those items.
  2. Signing A Contract –Once you have made a final decision on property, house and options “menu”, it is time to commit to buying your new home!
  3. Earnest Money Deposits – Paid in two simple installments, one at contract signing and one at 30 days after contract signing.
  4. Blueprints – We will prepare your blueprints immediately following your contract signing and review each and every item with you, ‘Red-Lining’ your structural changes.
  5. Selections –You will visit our selections showrooms both at Overstreet Builders and at many of our trade showrooms and be guided through your available choices by professional consultants.
  6. Permit Approval –Meanwhile… we will submit for your building permit, which will be getting processed behind the scenes, preparing the City for the build of your new home.
  7. Construction – Once we have reached this point, it is time for you to sit back and watch your beautiful home go up!

The 55 plus years of experience has allowed for Overstreet to perfect a ‘Critical Path’ construction schedule that can target a **4.5-5.5-month completion from the date of excavation!  We are one of the most efficient builders in the Chicagoland area from dig to close!

The best part is that everything can be completely your design – i.e. CUSTOM! – and is all wrapped in your style!  Don’t let this “life decision” take a lifetime to make… we are here to help and ready to guide you through it… with our 7 Simple Steps you’ll be moving in in no time!


*Onsite building refers to building in a location where Overstreet Builders already owns the property.  “Offsite” builds follow a similar process, but please talk to your Overstreet rep about the differences between the two.

**Completion is based on a “standard” size home.  Homes which are much larger or have finished basement may take a little longer due to the amount of work that needs to be done.