The Luxury of Building New

Dec 18, 2018

There are many reasons why building a new home has major benefits over purchasing a used home.  These are the same reasons that people never go back to purchasing used homes once they have built from the ground up!

1.  Warranty.  Existing homes don’t have one.  Therefore, problems are problems from the get-go and will be money out of your pocket.  Original home warranties and warranties on materials and appliances and mechanicals do not transfer to secondary owners.  Another great thing about a builder warranty is that we act as a coordinator while you are under warranty.  Our goal is to make your home as easy to live in as possible!

2.  New EVERYTHING!  You won’t need to replace anything because it was not properly installed, because it hasn’t been maintained, because it is dated or because you just flat out don’t like it.  Since you’ll have a choice on every detail, you won’t have the expenses or hassle of changing things later on.  You also won’t have to worry about changing out appliances, carpet, windows, etc. due to age.  If you purchase a used home, repairs and replacements equal spending money on the same thing twice.  Even if everything is functioning and in good condition, you will likely have to change out something because it looks dated or it doesn’t match the things you’re bringing with you.  You want a home, not a project!

3.  Knowing what was done in your home.

  • With used homes, there may have been one – or five – previous owners, sometimes in a short period of time.  You don’t know how the owners before you treated the home.  Did they maintain the home regularly or properly?  You may not find out until it is too late, and you’re stuck with big problems.
  • No worrying about if the owner before you had animals, smoked or were just plain dirty.  Avoid unknown smells from the carpet or stains that won’t come out.  Not to mention allergies to animal dander / hair or dust that is still hiding in the corners.  Was the previous owner a smoker and you’re not?  You will find out as soon as the furnace or AC kicks on and it could take time to clear smells out of the ductwork.  Today many more people are allergic to many more things than ever before.  Some think that pulling up carpet and replacing flooring can alleviate those issues, but the reality is that you can’t just get rid of one thing in a home that was completely exposed to allergens and expect them all to go away.  When the carpet gets pulled out, you can expect that allergens and other gross things get flung into the air and settle elsewhere (on or in things that are not getting removed from the home).
  • No “do-it-yourself-ers” will have worked in your home.  Each detail in your new home is installed by a professional with a new build.  Our contractors have been in their fields for years and do the job correctly – the first time.  It’s also important to remember that even if you hire an inspector, they don’t take walls down to inspect anything that has happened during the stay of the last owner.  Home plumbing and electrical jobs that are hidden behind the walls are not looked at, leaving you wondering if you are at risk for leaks (which can lead to complete deterioration and mold) or electrical fires.  There is a huge risk in not knowing.

4.  Codes.  Codes are constantly changing, qualifying new homes as safer and more energy efficient compared to homes built just a year prior.  Buying new ensures that your home is already up-to-date when you move in.  We also pass three tiers of third-party inspections throughout the duration of a build, ensuring that you are getting the safest home possible.  Even small differences in things like radon systems (that have only been required for a few years) can make a difference in your family’s health and well-being.  Let alone things such as lead based paint and old piping, which can introduce hazardous chemicals and materials to the space in, which can sometimes be found in older homes.  Even small things such as a little water drip buried in your walls can lead to mold, which is hazardous to your health as well.

5.  Energy efficiency.  Buyers often don’t realize that many pieces of your home must work together to make your whole home more energy efficient and to realize savings.  You can’t just install new windows and doors and expect to see savings if the house is not insulated and sealed properly.  Imagine it this way:  If a submarine has cracks in the doors, windows and panels, you won’t get down very far in the ocean before it was flooded.  If you repair the windows, but water is still leaking at the doors and panels, you haven’t fixed your whole problem, only part of it.  Sure, you have slowed the water seepage, but you have not stopped it.  Now think about an old house.  Much of the energy efficiency is behind the walls.  Housewrap, insulation R-values, heating / cooling systems, etc.  Without gutting the house, there is no way to fix all of those things.  It will be near impossible to make an old house energy efficient without gutting it and starting over.

6.  When it’s time for resale you will have one of the newest homes in the area.  In 10 or 15 years when it’s time to move again your home will be in competition with both new and used homes.  It would be better to be in a home that is 10-15 years old, versus the one down the block that is another 10 years older.  People take these things into consideration because of the factors above!

Even in if you are comfortable with remodeling after you move in, remember that it will take time and money.  Even if you can do your own handy work, you will need to buy materials and that comes straight out of pocket.  If you hire someone to do the job, you have a risk of a poor job done for a value or high costs to have it done right.  The only way to get a truly move in ready home, perfect for your family is to purchase new!

Building truly is a luxury!