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Company Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Our team at Overstreet Builders is committed to building exceptional and distinctive homes, beginning with design, through construction to final closing, and beyond. We believe that no detail is ever too small or insignificant. Our commitment is a time-honored tradition, established in the company principles by our forefathers and instilled in the leaders to come. It is a successful formula, which has been passed from generation to generation, and hand crafted into every home we build… a pledge from our family to yours.


Our Core Values

Honesty and Integrity

  • Valuing each customer and believing they should be treated with respect.
  • Priding ourselves in ethical business practices in our interactions with our customers, trade partners and our staff, including being honest and up front with expectations and goals.
  • Building a relationship founded upon honesty and integrity helps to build a foundation for trust with our customers, trade partners, and employee relationships.


  • Utilizing industry best practices in construction of our products.
  • Taking pride in the product we build.
  • Building each home as if building our own, using all the same trade partners and materials we use in our own residences.
  • Maintain professional demeanor throughout all interactions even in the most difficult decisions and situations.


  • Assembling and empowering a team of trade partners and staff who share the same passion and dedication to excellence that we do.
  • Maintaining a valued relationship with our partners that extends well beyond price.  Many trade relationships have been in place for 10 years or more, and some extend beyond 20 years.
  • Utilizing a systematic approach throughout the selections, building, and closing processes that has been successfully used for hundreds of home builds to maximize our efficiency while upholding our commitment to quality.
  • Developing and utilizing a system of checks and balances to identify and avoid mistakes prior to starting construction.
  • Offering quality materials and labor throughout the construction of our homes.
  • Dedicating staff to oversee construction on a regular basis to ensure that our commitment to quality remains throughout the construction process.


  • Taking time to listen to our customers and working to address all their needs, questions, and goals so as to personalize their homes, cater to what they want and need.
  • Working with our trade partners to ensure that information gets to them correctly and in a timely manner so that material is ready for construction and installed accurately.
  • Being available seven days per week so that we are reachable and available for our customers.
  • Providing a dedicated new home consultant to personally work with each of our customers through the selection and building process, who are readily available to address any questions.

Experience and Stability

  • Collectively our staff shares more than 120 years of experience in the home building industry, providing us with some of the most extensive knowledge to pull from in the industry to construct your family’s home with the precision and excellence you deserve.
  • Maintaining a commitment to strong financial stability to provide comfort to our customers and trade partners that we are going to be around to finish homes, pay our trades, and service the product we sell.
  • Using forward thinking in design, product selection, material choices and labor selection, gauging it against our past experience and knowledge to provide valuable insight to our customers.


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