Home Warranty FAQ

Are settlement or warping cracks covered in my warranty?

The normal effects of settlement, expansion, contraction, or warping of materials that may occur in walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, etc. are not covered under warranty.


Are nail pops covered in my warranty?

Nail pops and cracks in the drywall will occur as the result of natural shrinkage and drying out of the framing materials. Overstreet will repair nail pops and cracks due to these effects at the one year anniversary only. Painting of these repairs will be the homeowner's responsibility.


My skylights have moisture on them. Is there something wrong with them?

Condensation in and around skylights is to be expected and is specifically excluded from any warranty.


There is a settlement crack in my basement wall. Is this under warranty?

Cracking or scaling of the concrete flatwork or the foundation walls is not covered under warranty. Cracks of foundation walls, if any,  will only be repaired if infiltration of free water exists.


My carpet is wearing in the high traffic areas. Is this covered?

Ordinary wear and tear, neglect, or general maintenance connected with home ownership of the home is not covered under warranty.


Are there any other warranties I need to know about?

Additional warranty besides the builder's warranty is also available from the following manufacturers:

      • Exteriors: roofing, doors, siding, windows, flashing system, garage doors

      • Interiors: lighting, fireplace, flooring (carpet), granite

      • Electrical units: sump pump, water heater, furnace and air conditioning unit


There is a small gap that has formed in my wood flooring. Is this normal?

Shrinkage in the lumber (wood flooring, trim) is normal in any house. In addition, hardwood flooring has inherent material characteristics such as checking, cracking, color, graining variance, and knot holes. Hardwood flooring is not a warrant-able item; however, if the small gaps and/or imperfections are a problem to the Purchaser, there are wood filler products from any home improvement store that the Purchaser can use to fill the voids in the wood if so desired.


There is moisture on my windows. Is that normal?

If you move into your house prior to having the furnace on for one heating season, you might notice some condensation on the lower level floors, usually the basement. It is caused by moisture-laden air striking the cold surface on hot, humid days.


Why is one bedroom colder than the rest of the house?

In the first winter and summer, you may find that certain rooms are too warm and others are not warm enough. You may adjust the air flow to the various rooms through the vents and dampers.


Are my appliances covered under warranty?

All kitchen appliances are purchased with factory warranty and are not covered by the builder's warranty.


One of my kitchen cabinet doors shows a lot of variation in the wood grain - is this normal?

Stained wood cabinets, doors, trim, and stairs all have variations in wood grain and color due to different type of wood. And, such variations are natural and cannot be controlled.


Is any of my landscaping under warranty?

Under landscaping, only trees and perennials are covered for a year warranty. Sod and annuals are not covered.


I have a water leak. Who should I call?

All water emergencies should be notified to the builders as soon as possible either via phone call (630-226-0460), email (service@overstreetbuilders.com) or fax (630-226-0584).

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