Fitting a home on a property

Many people jump online to start exploring plans that fit their needs but don’t realize that their favorite plan doesn’t fit on the property that they are considering.

Just because a property seems “big enough” doesn’t mean that your desired home will fit.  Even if a site has the appropriate dimensions, there may be requirements through either the HOA or the City that prevent you from building that floor plan on that property.  Some of those guidelines can dictate where your home can sit on the property, how far from the property lines that it needs to be (setbacks) or even how much of the property can be covered by roofline or impermeable material. Once you know those details, finding the right floor plan may take some work. 

Or if you find that your “perfect” property doesn’t fit your “perfect” home, it may be time to look for another property that is more accommodating. If a floor plan is just a little too wide for the property that you want, we may be able to adjust it slightly to make it fit without losing the integrity of the layout.  If the property restrictions require too much “squeezing” the home might not even look the same and it might be better to design from scratch or find a plan that better suits the property size.

All of this is good to know BEFORE you purchase a property and feel stuck.  

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