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8b. “Offsite” – The 3 Main Components of Building

Total Project Cost Equation:

Land Costs + Site Prep Costs + Home Cost = Total Project Cost

These three things must fit together hand in hand to determine your total project cost:

Land Costs are clear; they would be the amount paid for the land.

Site Prep Costs can vary from nothing to a lot.  See the link “Offsite Prep” to determine what site prep fees may include.  With Overstreet, you can roll the site prep fees into the cost of your home contract if you’d like – most offsite customers do.

Home Cost is the contracted amount for the home and home features agreed to by the builder and the buyer.

The next section, “Lot Loans, Construction Loans & Lenders”,  will talk about where your money is coming from before we start fully understanding how the costs of your project will line up with down payments and loans in the section titled “Understanding the Financial Equation”.

Take a look at the next four pages to understand more about how your finances needs to fit together to make your dream home a reality!