6. "Offsite" - "OFFSITE" PREP

What does “offsite prep” mean?

Remember that the cost of a piece of property does not typically include extra “prep fees”.  Your real estate expert should make you aware of things like permit costs, soil tests, hauling, utility set ups / disconnects, burying of wires, cost of tear down (if there is one), tree removal, well and / or septic costs and other obstacles that would be required if you purchase land with those needs.

*Note*  Some of those items are clear, such as tree removal, some are not.  For example, if you need well and septic you may not know it from a property visit or your online research.

With decades of experience in “offsite building”, Overstreet will work with you and your specific homesite to assess what type of “offsite costs” could contribute to your overall expenditures.  Likewise, it will help you evaluate what you need to know on any property that you might be interested in. 

We’d like to help you BEFORE you are committed in case there are unforeseen expenses. Overstreet Builders can give you a full overview of the necessary “offsite prep” items to start researching and we are here to help you along the way. 

In the meantime, these are things to consider:

  • Tear down (and any fees involved with that)
  • Soil Testing & Survey availability
  • Engineering, Removal of dirt & Water drainage
  • Fitting the home on the site
  • How to get water, electric and gas to your home
  • Tree Removal / Preservation
  • Wetland preservation / Tree preservation / removal / stump removal
  • Walk out / look out / landscaping considerations
  • Other - Fire suppression, security systems, construction fencing or other considerations
The above can feed into your overall project costs.  It is important to know what to expect before big surprises show up that could limit your ability to spend on the home itself or blow your budget completely. 

With the guidance of a builder like Overstreet you’ll be able to get estimates for all these things and hopefully know major costs or issues up front.  From there you can make an educated decision about if that specific property is really best for you to build your new home on.  

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