7. "Offsite" - TIMELINE

Your build needs to fit into your timeline.

For many people having a time line is a critical part of their build process.  There are always uncontrollable variables when building a new home, but we do what we can to work within your parameters of your situation. 

Let’s start from the beginning.

The assumption is that you currently have a residence.  If you are in a situation where you are renting, you may have to think about lease options.  Do you have a Month-to-month, a 6-month or a 1-year lease?  Will the landlord allow for month to month toward the end of the process?  If the landlord is not flexible with you, you may need to find somewhere else to live when your lease is up so that you don’t get stuck in another contract.

If you have a home that you plan on selling (whether you have to or want to), you’ll need to consider whether need to sell it before the build or can wait until you’re moved into your new home.  Most people don’t want to pay two loans.  However, the biggest convenience of carrying two is only moving once.  The best resource to help you make these decisions is your lender.

Starting with the search of property, you will see timeline variations.  It might take you one week to find your perfect property.  Or it might take you six months. 

Once you have found your dream location, now you need to negotiate a contract and set a closing date.  Negotiations could be simple or may take some time.  Expect closing to be 30-60 days out from contract date - depending on if there are contingencies in the contract. A due diligence contingency is a good idea when entering into a contract for a property that you plan to build on.  A due diligence period will give you time to do enough research to determine if the property is buildable, if your home will fit and other important factors that could affect your building experience.

Once you have locked down a property, you will dive a little further into land prep arrangements, making sure the house you want will fit on your property and make modifications if needed.  Again, this is an unknown until you have found a property. All this preparation will depend on how much work needs to be done to the land and to the home plans.

To sign a contract with you builder they will want to sit down with you to discuss amenities and floor plan options.  Once those are mostly in place you will be able to sign a contract with your builder. 

After you have your contract you will be ready to start selections. At Overstreet Builders we will help with all steps needed to get your home built.  That includes submitting your permit to the City.  We will work with them and let you know exactly what we need for submittal. Once we know what is needed for permit submittal we will start the selection process with you. 

We will dedicate the first two weeks to narrowing in on permit required items (as well as HOA architectural review if necessary) so that we can submit for permit. The permit process can vary from town to town.  We have seen as little as 3 weeks to over 3 months.  We will research that information as part of our prep work when you commit to working with us.  You can also call the building department to find out.  Keep in mind that almost always there is a permit resubmittal for things that the City wants in addition to what they have listed on their site.  It is important to know that when submittals are in the City’s hands, we are all on their time.

While all of that is happening behind the scenes we can keep the process moving forward by continuing our selection process.  We dedicate another 10 weeks to selections – after our initial 2 for permitting - for a total of a 12 week selection process. 

We have found that completing all selections in a timely manner has proven to be a better build experience! With selections in place up front, we then can move right into construction once permit is ready! Overstreet brings over 150 years of construction experience to the table! 

Our construction calendar has been tried and true so that we can deliver homes faster than other builders.  We also pride ourselves on building structurally sound, comfortable and accurate homes as well! 

Most homes can be built in 7-8 months*. 

Once we have dug the hole for your home, there are very few exceptions that will alter the flow of our construction**.

*Homes with finished basements or exceptionally large homes may take longer.  We will be able to give you an estimate once we know the size of your home.

** Weather is an exception to our construction calendar.  For about 1.5 months after the foundation is dug we rely on “good weather” to get your foundation poured, get the house framed and get it under roof.  Once the house is under roof weather typically does not stop us unless we are buried in snow!  

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