4. "Offsite" - HOME DESIGN

Home floor plan, layout and design… where to start?

It’s hard not to fall in love with floor plans when you see them in person.  Builder models, homes on the market or pictures from the internet can all be great inspiration for your next home!  But, it’s extremely important to be realistic when finding YOUR perfect home.

When searching for your perfect plan, Overstreet has a multitude of template plans – you’ll often hear these referred to as “base plans” – to offer you.  As a custom builder, Overstreet can make big or small changes to a base plan to meet your needs.  We encourage you to explore our base floor plans before diving into custom design because if something we have can be adjusted to fit your needs, it can offer huge cost savings compared to total custom design. It’s extremely important to be vocal with your sales rep!  If you’re not seeing something that you need or want in a home, most likely they can help you obtain your goals. 

Often customers come in with specific requests and if they can give their “must haves” list to the sales rep, the sales rep can point them in the right direction in terms of floor plan.  They might even show you how to create space or move walls to add what you need.  

DO NOT think that just because the plan is missing a few things that it cannot work.  The creatives in this field can rework plans like you wouldn’t believe!  But they cannot read minds, so if you aren’t seeing what you need, trust your sales person and let them guide you!

If none of our plans meet your needs, we can offer custom design too.  We will set you up to work with an architect or you can work with your own architect and we can bid and build your custom home for you!  

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